The complete unchaining

Our new version, Shopware 5.2, is more than just a release – it is our last major step toward complete open source orientation. With this release, we are shaking ourselves free from the remaining chains: the encryption of our Premium Plugins using ionCube. Experience the new features and improvements that await you with Shopware 5.2.

Subshops in the Core

With this major release, subshop licenses are a direct part of the Shopware core and can therefore be freely integrated.


Over time, we will be gradually unencrypting all of our Premium Plugins. Doing so makes room for completely new customisation and upgrade possibilities.

Refined Technology

We did a bit of spring cleaning with 5.2, refactoring the code and removing all deprecated functions.

New Shopping Worlds

With the shopping worlds that have been newly designed from the ground up in Shopware 5.2, working on an emotional shopping experience has once again been made significantly easier and more sophisticated. This is ensured by features such as optimised operation for a range of devices, free groupability and a better preview function. And these are just a few improvements that enable you to focus even more on your core business.


There have also been developments in the shopping worlds regarding internationalisation. Texts can now be directly translated without the need to set up a separate world. This makes your work even more effective.

A world for all devices

Shopping worlds have become yet more intelligent. Now, all you have to do is create one shopping world that adapts itself to different devices completely automatically. This saves an enormous amount of time.

Optimised operation

With the help of the optimised preview function, you can preview what you want at the click of a mouse. Thus you have a clear view of how your content behaves on different devices.

Independent Shopping Worlds

Shopping Worlds are now independent and no longer associated with a particular category. This primarily allows more flexibility in rolling out your shopping worlds to different devices.

Shopping Advisor

The new Shopping Advisor acts as a personal consultation tool for your customers. The Premium Plugin takes your customers through a series of questions and connects them with the product that best matches their preference, so that your customers always find what they’re looking for.

Creative freedom

You have the choice: the advisor can appear in a sidebar or in the form of a step-by-step questionnaire. Whatever you choose, the way you present the questions is also fully customisable.

Familiar Shopware usability

In a preview function in the backend, you can see which products are displayed and in what order when the customer responds to the advisor.

Fully responsive

The presentation of Shopping Advisor in the frontend is completely responsive, allowing you customers to comfortably browse and reach their perfect products.

Custom Products

Increasingly more customers want to customise their own individual products. The completely modernised and comprehensive Premium Plugin allows your customers to easily create and individualise their own products.


An image-based, visually appealing step-by-step mode accompanies your customers through the entire process of creating and purchasing the product.

Freely definable settings

Custom Products gives you complete flexibility when selling your customisable products. In the backend, you can work with templates with freely definable fields, which allows you to customise every setting.

Simple shopping cart logic

The customer sees the current price of their customised product in real-time. This leads to a transparent checkout process that is easy to understand.

Address management

The expansion of the address management in the frontend is particularly beneficial to your end customers. It is now a great deal easier for those placing orders to create and manage delivery addresses, as well as to specify alternative delivery addresses.

  • Different delivery and billing addresses
  • Customer-friendly operation
  • Based on Symfony 2 form components

Additional attributes

The new attribute management enables you to flexibly expand your database. From now on, it is possible to augment existing attribute fields in the backend (i.e. customers, orders, products, etc.) for use in places like your ERP system. All created attributes will be displayed in the backend, where they can be directly adapted along with the other fields.

  • Flexible expansion of the database
  • Output of all attributes in the backend
  • Time savings through standardised database

Shopware ERP

Powered by PICKWARE

Enterprise Resource Planning integrated into Shopware:

  • Supply & order management
  • Store management incl. log & rating
  • Returns processing
  • Evaluation of turnover, earnings, etc.

More about PICKWARE