Never was a release so close to the needs of people

Shopware 5.3 puts people in the centre unlike any release ever before. As such, never before were so many votes from the community implemented in a Shopware release. With new innovative features, Shopware helps you more reach your individual customers even more directly and enliven their shopping experience in the process.


For increased targeted appeal.

Cater to your customers with tailored product offers using the new Customer Streams. With the new Customer Streams, you can filter your customers based on the criteria you define and present products that are perfectly tailored to their interests.

Customer Streams function as a dynamic filter, which behaves similarly to the well-known Product Streams, and updates itself at defined intervals. With Customer Streams, you can target customers in the backend using individualised streams, which then display select products that are tailored based on their shopping behaviour.

Here is an example: all female customers who bought a red summer dress from the current collection last spring are brought together in one stream. Shopware then gives you numerous options for filling this Customer Stream with attractive content; for instance, the upcoming collection. With newsletters, vouchers or homepage content that can be adapted specifically for the relevant stream, your customers see products they are actually interested in, increasing the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Personalized content

Offer your customers content that is tailored to their interests. Increase their desire to make a purchase with attractive offers on your shop’s homepage.

Targeted marketing campaigns

Send newsletters with individualised content for your Customer Streams and hook your customers with attractive vouchers in your online shop.

Perfect Product Streams

Product Streams are perfect for presenting products that are appropriate for your target groups in a dynamic and appealing way.

Shopping Worlds presets

Emotional shopping in just a few clicks.

The presets manager

The new Shopping Worlds presets make it even easier for you to create an emotional shopping experience in your shop. Presets are already included in Shopware by default and are compatible with various applications. With the presets manager, you can quickly and easily fill Shopping Worlds with content that perfectly speaks to your online shop. In this way, you can transform your company description into an exciting story or present your products through Storytelling. Of course, you can let your creativity run wild and design your own presets to use in your shop. You can also transfer Shopping Worlds and their content to other shops using the import/export function. In no time at all, you can offer your customers a seamless, emotional shopping experience that they will remember for a long time to come.


You can now individually import and export every Shopping World. With Shopware 5.3, Shopping Worlds that are built in demo environments can be easily transferred to your live system. Should you operate multiple shops, you have the option of exporting Shopping Worlds from one shop and importing them to another, ultimately offering you customers unified content without much effort.


The preset manager gives you an initial overview of all presets you’ve installed and designed yourself.


Here you will find more detailed information and a preview of the selected preset.


After you’ve selected a preset, you can replace placeholder text and images with your own content. You then have the option of publishing the finished Shopping World online or saving it as a new preset.

Ready-made designs

A selection of well-designed presets come included in Shopware as standard for various applications, so you can get started straight away.

Complete package

Presets not only include Shopping Worlds screens, but also settings and all media. Simply adapt text and replace images – and you‘re ready!

Presets in the Community Store

Offer your custom Shopping Worlds in the Community Store or browse for unique presets already created by the community.

The new listing

An even more fluid shopping experience

With the features offered by the new listing, you can create an even more seamless customer journey. Next to the new, intuitive filter and sorting options, customers can now make purchased directly from the product listing page with Shopware 5.3.


New filter and sorting methods

The possibilities offered by the new sorting and filtering on the listing page bring a true added value to your shop. Customers can now enjoy filtering without the page reloading; a small detail that makes the shopping experience far smoother. In addition, filter combinations that are currently not available in your online shop will be greyed-out, making it so that your customers always find an available product. The settings for the filters and sorting can be configured for both your entire shop as well as individual categories.

Purchase from the listing

Shopping without interruptions

As of Shopware 5.3, customers can make purchases directly from the product listing page. Without reloading the page, items from the listing or Quickview feature can be placed directly in the shopping cart, all without the need to first visit the product detail page. Especially relevant for customers shopping on mobile devices, this makes for an even more pleasant journey in your shop.

Better user experience

Shopware 5.3 offers a significantly improved user experience: Customers no longer experience page reload while filtering and can buy directly from the listing.

Create your own filters

Now you can create even more specific and diverse filters – i.e. according to weight, dimensions or Product Steams – so that your customers can more easily find their desired products.

Individual sorting

Decide how your products can be sorted in each category. Next to directly impacting your customer’s shopping experience, this also helps you achieve better search results.

Other new features

for the Community

Media Manager

The Media Manager available as of Shopware 5.3 allows you to switch out media 1:1, including all links, quickly and easily from one central location. In addition, the improved tool lets you save personal settings for each page, such as image size or specific media.

Product reviews

The new backend module for product reviews offers even better usability, in particular when it comes to filtering and processing reviews. You also have better control over reviews for different languages and shop.

PDF documents

Sending PDF documents has never been easier – you no longer have to manually save and send your PDFs. Now you can save time by automating everything in the backend using only a few clicks.


From now on, you can configure Captchas individually and decide which solution you’d like to use. The invisible safeguard (Honey Pot) against bots offers particularly high usability.

Performance optimisation

Through extensive optimisations in the core and frontend, Shopware 5.3 is considerably more powerful and achieves even better Google PageSpeed performance tests, out-of-the-box.

ERP Pickware

Coinciding with the launch of Shopware 5.3, Pickware also offers a number of new features. Now you can take advantage of intelligent stock planning, random warehousing and the Click & Collect method.