Shopping Worlds

A memorable impression.

Transform online shopping into an experience to remember. An exclusive feature of Shopware, Shopping Worlds was designed to rouse the emotional component of online shopping, increase customer involvement with your brand, motivate interest for buying and secure your competitive edge. Create and edit various impressions of your shop within one design view in the backed, where you can freely position products, images, banners, HTML text, videos and much more. Your customers will remember how your shop made them feel – offer impressive landing pages, valuable content and vibrant shopping atmospheres, all without any programming experience. Unlock even greater potential offered by Shopping Worlds with the extensions available in the Shopware Community Store.

Shopping Worlds
Responsive Images Icon

Responsive Images

Upload the images in your shop only once to comply with different devices – the resolution is automatically resized to compliment the device in use.

Device allocation

Device allocation

You can assign Shopping Worlds to specific devices – define and perfect on which devices particular elements should be displayed.

Foolproof usability

Foolproof usability

Creating impressive sites could not be easier. Shopping Worlds helps you bring concepts and designs to life – no programming experience required.

Einkaufswelten im Backend
Elements library

Freely decide which elements to include in your Shopping Worlds. Whether item slider, video, blog teaser or premium item; every available element is easily accessible in your library.

Drag & drop precision

There are no rules or limitations within a Shopping Worlds grid. You can resize, define, arbitrarily combine and shift every element with the simplicity of drag & drop.

Design grids

Shopping Worlds elements are positioned using a grid system in the backend. The layout of each grid can be customized for each Shopping World.

Shopping Worlds Presets

Shopping Worlds Presets

Created and developed by Shopware, Shopping Worlds were designed to help you reach your customers on an emotional level and awaken their desire to make a purchase. Now with several free Shopping Worlds presets to choose from, this plugin makes working with this feature easier than ever and brings you a considerable competitive advantage. These presets come neatly packed with predefined image and text snippets, which can be individually customised following the usability known from Shopware’s backend. All images contained in the presets are licence-free and therefore available to use in your shop for absolutely no cost.



Tell your own story.

Nothing lasts quite like a good story – a completely new and novel feature, Storytelling sends customers through personalized voyages in your online shop. Through engagement on a personal level, customers are able to develop completely individual ties with your brand. Modeled after the experience of exploring a physical store, Storytelling transfers the emotional impact of discovering that “perfect item” to an online scenario. This feature takes the presentation of your items to the next level – with personalized feedback from your customers, items are not only presented, but also tailored to coordinate with the context of their discovery, moods and values.


Seamless and atmospheric

Storytelling creates coherent shopping experiences across several devices – the voice and style will not be lost by changing the device.


Let curiosity take control.

An emotional catalyst, Sideview is an additional element of any balanced, inspired shopping experience. After clicking or touching an image of interest, the customer is presented further details of the items contained within the image. This engaging approach to browsing and discovering new treasures not only creates a truly memorable shopping experience, but also contributes to exceptional usability.



A never-ending experience.

With Shopware 5, customers are more likely to remain in your online store due to the deep emotional involvement experienced during their visit – an essential relationship that is further supported by Quickview. When a customer clicks or touches a banner or product, a more detailed information page is displayed. With interest, the customer is free to save the item to their personal wish list or purchase directly. Your customers can close Quickview whenever they choose and return to the same place in your online shop. Nothing disrupts the unity of the Shopping World, narrative and emotion - neither navigation nor the device being used during the customer’s journey.

Purchase from the listing

Shopping without interruptions

As of Shopware 5.3, customers can make purchases directly from the product listing page. Without reloading the page, items from the listing or Quickview feature can be placed directly in the shopping cart, all without the need to first visit the product detail page. Especially relevant for customers shopping on mobile devices, this makes for an even more pleasant journey in your shop.



Filter and sorting methods

The possibilities offered by the new sorting and filtering on the listing page bring a true added value to your shop. Customers can now enjoy filtering without the page reloading; a small detail that makes the shopping experience far smoother. In addition, filter combinations that are currently not available in your online shop will be greyed-out, making it so that your customers always find an available product. The settings for the filters and sorting can be configured for both your entire shop as well as individual categories.

Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing

With the advanced feature, Digital Publishing, you can easily create dynamic banners, directly from your Shopware backend. Text that is cut-off or buttons that appear incorrect over your images are now a thing of the past – here, all the graphics you create are completely responsive.

Design layers Icon

Design layers

Place buttons and text on different layers, similar to the way it’s done in Photoshop. Integrate real “call to action” buttons in your Shopping Worlds and create fully responsive banners.

Live preview Icon

Live preview

Test how your banners behave when they appear if different sizes – i.e. on various devices – in a clear, live preview. Creating a responsive campaign has never been easier.

SEO text Icon

SEO text

Because the text is displayed as HTML text, this makes it relevant for search engines – this means by creating graphics, you are creating better SEO possibilities.

Various building blocks Icon

Various building blocks

You have a number of different elements to choose from when creating your banners, including images, background, text and buttons.

Compatible with shopping worlds Icon

Compatible with shopping worlds

Of course, your banners behave perfectly in your Shopping Worlds and Storytelling environments. Now creation and implementation of banners takes place in one backend.

Direct text translation Icon

Direct text translation

Digital Publishing actively supports you in internationalisation. You can translate all banner text independently, or by using the integrated translation tool.

From the installation through banner design - in our how-to guide, we provide you with step-by-step instructions on how you can use Digital Publishing quickly and successfully in your shop.

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Then you can immediately begin creating and adding inspirational banners to your online shop. As an advanced feature, Digital Publishing can be actived in your Plugin Manager and Shopware Account.

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