Shopware ERP

powered by PICKWARE

With our Shopware ERP powered by Pickware, you can access all warehouse management functions directly in your Shopware backend. This powerful warehouse management system is complimentary available to the Professional Edition of Shopware.

With the Shopware ERP powered by Pickware, you neither need additional interfaces nor double data management. All data - whether customers, suppliers or orders - is maintained and managed across all sales channels directly in Shopware.

Shopware ERP powered by PICKWARE

Shopware as the central platform

With the Shopware ERP powered by Pickware, Shopware becomes your central platform from which you can control all processes in your day-to-day business.

Inventory management Icon

Inventory management

With the Shopware ERP, you can easily monitor your inventory in real time. Additionally, branch stocks, return or further external warehouses can be created and maintained directly in Shopware.

Stock maintenance Icon

Stock maintenance

No matter whether you are receiving goods, selling goods or manually change the stock - each movement of an item is recorded with the respective type, timestamp and associated employee. Wrong stocks are not an issue anymore.

Purchase Icon


The Shopware ERP automatically suggests to reorder you items with your suppliers as soon as they fall below the minimum stock. In just a few clicks, the order is created in the backend.

Optimal extensibility and automation through additional modules

Our Shopware ERP powered by Pickware scales with the growth of your shop and can be easily adjusted to your individual needs.

Pickware Mobile

Pickware Mobile

Pickware Mobile enables you to work efficiently on all warehouse processes and provides an easy solution for handling all incoming and outcoming goods by using mobile barcode scanners.

  • Digital picking list
  • Barcode guided processes
  • Easy return handling and many more
Pickware POS

Pickware POS

Pickware POS enables you to sell items from your Shopware Shop directly in your local retail store or during exhibitions. Combining online and offline sales channels in one system, you can easily access all item- and customer data from Shopware at your POS.

  • Access to all shopware data at your local POS
  • Stock synchronization in real time
  • Directly connect all retail stores with Shopware