Since openness is one of Shopware’s core values, here we’re providing you with a clear overview of our development roadmap, which includes what we’re currently working on, what we’ll tackle next and our vision for the future.


Current What we’re currently working on

Community Focus (Github Pull-Requests)
Shopware BI
  • Analysis of industry data
  • Implementation of additional statistics
  • Segmentation according to industry and shop size
  • Implementation translatability and text snippets
  • Improved ordering and media handling
  • Responsive administration components

Next What we’ll work on next

Search Engine Optimization
Optimization ACL
Database migrations system for plugins
Full support for SVG graphics
HTTP/2 Server Push Support
PHP 7.3 Support
  • Discontinuation support for PHP 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1
  • Discontinuation support for MySQL 5.5
  • Discontinuation support for Elasticsearch 2

Future Our vision for the future

Refactored variants structure
  • Flexible price configuration and presentation
  • Flexible tax regulation
  • Improved translation possibilities
All new administration
  • Responsive
  • Open web technologies
  • User-centricity & machine learning
  • Learn more


Current What we’re currently working on


Next What we’ll work on next

(B2B) Customer specific categories
(B2B) Order from product detail page

Future Our vision for the future

(B2B) Graphical Clearance Process

Because we remain flexible to new trends and developments, shifts can arise within the roadmap.

The Shopware Issue Tracker

With the Issue Tracker, you get to actively take part in planning Shopware’s updates and forthcoming features. Using so-called “tickets”, you can report bugs or submit suggestions for improvement directly to Shopware. Here you can also vote for ideas from other users that you’d like to see implemented, which has an impact on Shopware’s roadmap.

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