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elio GmbH

For two decades we have been developing Enterprise B2B & B2C projects, multishops, E-Procurement applications, as well as full automatic connections to ERP-, PIM- and MAM- systems.
As a medium-size internet system house with E-Commerce as its main focus we have everything you need for a successful E-Business.

By means of our very flexible interface and performance framework called "eliobase" we enable connections to ERP, PIM, MAM and more datasystems for your shopsystem. Furthermore eliobase offers continuous analysis, monitoring and performance optimization of your shopsystem. Automation of complex E-Commerce processes as well as development of complex enterprise web applications are our daily business.

We are the leading enterprise partner of the Shopware AG as well as Omicron "FACT-Finder" gold partner and realise complex B2B and B2C E-commerce projects. A factor of our success is the professional, personal and competent consultation. Through cooperative partnership you will receive optimal results and therefore complete satisfaction.

We offer technical consulting as well as trainings for Shopware and all premium plugins. The know-how includes way more than 500 different plugin developments, as well as many sucessfully realized complex online shop migrations (e.g. Hybris to Shopware Enterprise etc.). It's our daily business to put the planning into realistic, tangible numbers and times as well as giving the necessary support for the implementation.

For this reason, companies / brands worldwide with annual sales in the tens of millions rely on our solutions:

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  • B2C
  • B2B
  • Interface development
  • Plugin development
  • Third party integration
  • Design
  • Shop migrations
  • Shopware Trainings
  • Technical Support

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