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The Shopware partner program

Situated in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Great Britain, you now have over 1,200 experience Shopware Partner agencies within reach. Our Partners are specialists in their particular field, which provides you with the best resources to meet the specific needs of your project.

Shopware business partners

Shopware Business Partners offer a wide range of services in eCommerce and possess the knowledge and skill to realize online shops with Shopware.

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Shopware solution partners

With Shopware as a basis, Solution Partners make anything possible. Specializing in custom solutions, Solution Partners are able to mold Shopware to meet the individual demands of every business model.

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Shopware enterprise partners

Our Enterprise Partners are exclusively focused on larger enterprise projects. With extensive knowledge of both Shopware and connections to third-party systems, the challenges posed by complex projects can be met.

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Shopware hosting partners

Experience and know-how are prerequisite for any powerful hosting provider—Shopware Hosting Partners go above and beyond to guarantee the most secure option for your online shop.

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Shopware technology partners

Technology Partners work in close coordination to connect their unique services with Shopware. These include everything from payment and shipping providers to manufacturers of ERP systems.

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International Shopware partners

Emerging as a player in the international landscape calls for a broader infrastructure—therefore we now welcome Partners from around the world. Take a look at some of the first international agencies working with Shopware.


Certification level

In order to provide the best support for your project, Shopware partners can receive up to 5 certifications from the Shopware Academy. The certification level indicates how many certifications the partner has received from Shopware. You can see which certifications a partner earned by clicking on their detail page.

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