Cooperatie Sition U.A.

Sition was founded in 2000 and is specialized in developing websites, Shopware web shops and applications. We have a unique approach which is characterized by the following points:


We are flexible and do not work in fixed patterns. Each project requires a new and different approach. If you change your mind throughout a project, we will adapt so we can realize your wishes. We do not have standard work routines but look what suits each company we work with.


You are not our customer but our partner. Together we will realize all your e-commerce wishes and make adjustments when necessary. Together we will develop a product that we are both satisfied with.


We work with big and small companies. Everyone's welcome, regardless of the size of your organization. We do not have a list of demands that must be met. We always look at the possibilities and not put off if a case is challenging.


We are constantly trying to improve our services by creating innovations in our field of expertise. Besides our regular services, we develop out own e-commerce applications. Our innovations are complementary to our services and to be sure your product will have a good outcome.