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SinnerSchrader Commerce creates and manages innovative digital commerce solutions that are competitive and sell better. We are a strong partner for businesses like TelefónicaGörtzTchibo and HSE24, thanks to our creativity in all disciplines and our goal-driven work ethic.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Commerce Platforms
  • Mobile Commerce Solutions
  • Predictive Demand & Sales Analytics
  • B2B Commerce Solutions
  • Re-platforming
  • Project Recovery
  • Growth Commerce Management


Using workshops, we help you to turn ideas, goals and requirements into structured strategic approaches. In a second step, these approaches are then assessed with regard to their probability of financial success using tried-and-tested methods, our experience and user surveys. In doing so, we proceed in a pragmatic manner so that a maximum of four weeks is needed, from the kick-off workshop to decision readiness.


As an e-commerce pioneer, we have been realising multi-channel digital commerce solutions that inspire users and lead to higher conversion rates since 1996. Implementation is based on SCRUM methods, whereby the basic allocation of duties between the customer and contractor is taken into account. 100% delivery performance provide you with the security that your project will be successfully launched.


Does your current e-commerce platform no longer meet today's standards? The e-commerce platforms of the first and second generations can no longer be further developed or operated in an economical manner with regard to increasing requirements from the user perspective, increased competition, internationalisation and backend management. We have developed a procedure that allows you to replace an existing platform in a pretty much seamless manner.


Has your digital commerce project run into difficulties? We can take over critical e-commerce projects and turn them into a success, based on our twenty years of experience.


Are you operating a digital commerce platform and looking for experts who can take care of all of your direct online sales activities? Based on our twenty years of experience in the continuous further development of commerce solutions, we have developed a programme for the continual increase in sales based on the GROWTH approach.

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  • B2C
  • B2B
  • Consulting (eCommerce strategy)
  • Interface development
  • Multichannel / Omnichannel
  • Design
  • Shop migrations
  • Technical Support

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