Your papercuts in Shopware 5.2.8


For our project “99 Papercuts”, a few weeks back we opened for floor for your suggestions on how Shopware could be improved. Since it’s you actually working with Shopware, surely you’ve noticed something that could make your daily work all the easier.

And so it was: over 130 papercuts were suggested by the Community through our Issue Tracker, where every suggestion could be voted on by other members from the Community.

The goal of “99 Papercuts” was to collaborate with developers from the Community implement as many papercuts as possible within only two weeks. Today we are proud to say we achieved our ambitious goal!

Thank you for your engagement

When we say “we”, implied is not only the Shopware team, but you, who so diligently voted and undertook several issues for improvement.

So we want to thank the 14 developers, who joined the ranks of our Shopware team with commitment to collaboration and tackled a whopping 70 papercuts:


Marcus Kreusch  Uwe Kleinmann
Screeny Christian Wenz
simkli Daniel
Soner Sayakci Daniel Ruf
Thomas Eiling Gugiman
Thomas Müller saberdude
Tobias Wilming Samuel Vogel

You guys rock!

Benjamin Cremer, Developer Advocate at Shopware, took this project under his wing and is extremely proud of the result: “’99 Papercuts’ was a huge success. Many of the participants actually created a pull request for the first time. Community members that were active in the IRC channel and on GitHub were able to support the greener contributors. During the project, new documentation was also created, which makes entering the Shopware world so much easier for future contributors.”

Discover the implemented papercuts in Shopware 5.2.8

Learn which 53 papercuts will help save time and make your daily work all the easier in today’s release. Shopware 5.2.8 is a completely unique release, as it completely embodies the motto “From the Community, for the Community”.

To Shopware 5.2.8

Stay tuned

The additional 17 papercuts are currently still under construction and will be released in an upcoming version of Shopware. So get excited!