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Several factors influence the decision to make a purchase, which often takes place on a subconscious level. Fortunately, we equipped Shopware 5 with the best possible tools to positively influence this decision and stage your products so that hitting “Buy now” feels natural for your customers.

With tools like Shopping Worlds and Storytelling, you have the benefit of adding attractive banners, photos or videos that can be used to create a compelling case for your products. Through using these tools, you’re also transporting brand values and helping the customer develop an individual connection with your brand – with this combination, you can truly separate yourself from the competition an ensure customer loyalty.

The following 10 shops represent best practices of Storytelling in online sales – they show engaging examples of product presentation or do an excellent job illuminating a company philosophy. All examples below were built close to the Shopware standard and show you that complex customizations aren’t required to create a powerful message through storytelling.

Ames (implememted by: webpiloten and achta)


The slogan “ames – culture of diversity” truly speaks through the use of Storytelling and Shopping Worlds. Furniture collections, accessories and textiles are stylishly displayed in a lookbook and in attractive arrangements. Design pieces are presented using a Sideview element without tearing the customer from the experience of the shop’s mood. In addition, information about the company and production methods are also transparently integrated into the whole design, making a seamless and informative experience for the customer.

As proof of their outstanding use of storytelling, Ames was a recipient of the Annual Multimedia Awards 2017.

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DÜRMEISTER (implemented by: Reihe 0)


DÜRMEISTER convinces the customer through genuine handwork, where luxury watches are custom-made by German master craftsman. This high level of quality and explicit attention to detail are reflected both the product range and production. Within the stylish and inspiring Shopping World, the customer can look through individual elements in detail using Sideview and Quickview elements without disrupting their browsing.

The production process of their exclusive items is an absolute USP of the company. DÜRMEISTER proudly presents their process within a separate Shopping World, “Manufacture”, and emphasizes the importance of this process as a part of their company philosophy.

DÜRMEISTER relies on Digital Publishing for creating their high-quality banners. Using this feature, they are able to easily create and implement banners, all without leaving their Shopware backend.

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Elten (implemented by: BS-Style)


Whoever believes that Storytelling is only applicable for emotionally charged products most definitely hasn’t seen the online shop from Elten. Although safety shoes aren’t regarded as the most emotional product, the online shop nevertheless makes creative use of videos, Sideview and Quickview to set their products in an appealing scene. The customer receives even more detailed information thanks to a 360-degree product viewer, which was customized to meet the exact needs of the Elten shop.

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Seed Stroller (implemented by: dasistweb)


The Danish stroller manufacturer pairs intuitive usability with incredible design, pursuing its claim not only through its products, but also its online shop. With Storytelling, visitors are able to enter the brand world and easily discover details about the products, such as the “Papilio” and “Pli Plus” stroller. Not only are customers convinced by this method of product presentation, but also the jury from the Shop Usability Award, which awarded Seed with the trophy for the category “Kids & Baby” for its exceptional usability.

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Paulmann (implemented by: hmmh multimediahaus)


Paulmann believes light should be used in every room of the house to create an inviting and relaxed mood – the ultimate “homey” atmosphere. The family company created several inspiring Shopping Worlds with lighting ideas so that you can create too can create a warm atmosphere in your home. With various lighting fixtures and lamps on display, visitors can easily find even more products and lighting ideas thanks to Sideview and Quickview elements.

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Milanari (implemented by: KOMMA-D)


Milanari offers unusual furniture design and home accessories in its impressive online shop. Depending on your personal style of home furnishings, you can get inspirational ideas for creating unique spaces in your home within their special “Magazine” section of their online store. The setup of the shop allows you to delve into which products were used to create the stylish rooms displayed, with Quickview being used to easily guide you through the set of products in the display.

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Holz Leute (implemented by: KOMMA-D)


Holz Leute has created impressive handmade wooden designs since 1873. Next to their local business in Munich, the products are also available in their new online shop, where visitors are able to discover how the products can be used to accessorize their own home. Here Storytelling is used in 5 separate ways, with each scenario depicting the products in a private space. Furthermore, the visitor can click on a high quality image and see exactly which products are on display – these images were created using Digital Publishing, which ensures ultimate scalability and presentation across every device. Holz Leute ranked first in the category for “Small Business” at the 2016 Shop Usability Award, where the jury was particularly impressed by the intuitive frontend that utilized emotional stories and impressive images to attract visitors.

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Silver Cross (implemented by: RHIEM Intermedia)


Our reference Silver Cross proves that when it comes to selecting a baby carriage, design is as equally important as function. Starting on the homepage, the shop welcomes its visitors with a lookbook and gives detailed information on the company’s unique position and brand philosophy. Silver Cross also clearly represents its exclusive “Aston Martin” carriage with a beautiful instance of Storytelling.

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Qudo Watches (implemented by: KIRCHNER Kommunikation und Marketing)


While watches can be timeless and classic, they also possess the ability to be individual and completely cutting edge. The lookbook from Qudo Watches proves that a watch can do both. Men and women alike have the opportunity to easily browse through stylish watches and gather detailed information thanks to the attractive use of Storytelling. Next to appealing photos, the company also cleverly uses a “Behind the scenes” video to give a transparent impression of the company’s design process.

Bodenverkauf (implemented by: bekalebs Webmedien)


Anyone looking for new flooring will find themselves spoiled with options at Bodenverkauf. In most cases, when a visitor makes their way to an online shop, they only have an inkling of what they’re looking for; to help, Bodenverkauf does a wonderful job inspiring the visitor with new design ideas through their use of Storytelling. Whether parquet, laminate, cork or vinyl, the visitor is able to gather a well-rounded impression of how the versatile options could look in their own home.

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