The Shopware Xmas campaign winner has been chosen


An unusual package reached some of our partners in the past weeks. Large, quite heavy and sent by a certain “Tim Tanne”. Its contents: a real Nordmann fir tree. But that wasn’t the mystery’s solution quite yet – after all, none of our partners had ordered a Christmas tree. Instead, a second package, filled with decorations and a letter, brought the expected answer. The actual subject was a Shopware Christmas campaign with the motto “Show us your tree, and celebrate until it burns”.

Creativity knew no boundaries when it came to this task. Initial inspiration was provided by our pimped out, Star Wars themed tree, which decorated the campaign’s flyer.


And so it began – the first tweets with extraordinarily decorated and brilliantly designed trees started trundling onto our Twitter channel. After all, the aim was to gather the most retweets by the last day of December.

Our jury, comprised of Shopware designers, has now chosen the best photo from the ten most retweeted. 

GWS wins the company event - to the tune of EUR 1,000 

One tweet whetted our curiosity right away, even though the tree was still completely “naked” and only illuminated by two spotlights. The tweet came from GWS mbH Münster: “Challenge accepted. The finished photo will follow in a few days!”.

Well, someone seems to have had a bright idea. Our expectations of the final photo were correspondingly high.

And they were more than met. Five days later, the following photo was tweeted:

“WOW! We are thrilled to see so much creativity and effort. Aside from the extravagantly designed movie poster, the GWS team additionally created a “making of” post on their blog. The final product has us more than convinced”, asserts Dennis Schaa, Corporate Design team leader of the Shopware AG and jury member, regarding the decision.

The GWS team can now look forward to a company event organised in cooperation with Shopware, which we will support with up to EUR 1,000.00. Naturally, Shopware will visit GWS in person. We are excited to raise our glasses to you, dear GWS team!

As if that´s enough - Shopware awards a special prize

And thus, our Shopware Christmas campaign should actually have been over. SHOULD HAVE – if it hadn’t been for that one tweet we could never have anticipated: a most special Christmas tree. 

Well boys, we found your idea and especially your execution so wonderful that we’ve decided to reward your creativity with a special prize. ScaleCommerce can therefore anticipate receiving a surprise Shopware package. What you can expect will soon be published on our social media channels.

And finally, we would like to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who participated in our Shopware Christmas campaign! We were very happy about all the tweets.  


The further most retweeted shopware xmas trees