Thank you for a fantastic 2015!


One year ago, we celebrated the most successful 365 days in Shopware’s long history; a success that surely couldn’t be beat, we claimed. But the last 12 months have definitely taught us otherwise, because 2015 was brimming with memorable highlights:

The launch of Shopware 5 together with our spectacular cinema tour through Germany, the most outstanding Community Day to date, the first Open Hackathon and B2B Think Tank, moving into our new headquarters, the launch (and relaunch) of numerous great Shopware Shops, plus many more.

Shopware says THANK YOU

You are an important part of this success, because without our huge Community, none of these staples in our history would be possible. That is why we want to say Thank you.

Without a doubt, the coming year will also bring exciting highlights, one of which takes place on 20 May - the 2016 Shopware Community Day. Mark your calendar!

We look forward to continue writing history, together with you in 2016! Until then, we wish you and your whole team a magical Christmas and a happy start to the New Year! 




"Shopware - Episode 5" movie poster; the film appeared in Münster, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, selling out in each location 



 The fantastic Münster premier of "Shopware - Episode 5" - the first-ever software release to have a movie tour



 The incredibly successful Open Hackathon, which brought together third-party developers and Shopware for three days of "hacking out" new ideas and features for Shopware. 



CEO Stefan Hamann takes the stage at the 2015 Shopware Community Day.   



The entire Shopware team for the traditional group photo. Now with nearly 100 employees, 15 of which are females (a great percentage for the software industry!) 



Over 1,400 attendees at Shopware's 2015 Community Day. 



Shopware's first Business Partner from Great Britain - Cromwell Business Systems



View from above: the new Shopware headquarters in Schöppingen. 



Shopware's new home: a spacious new building in Schöppingen, Germany. 



Merry Christmas from your Shopware team!