Storytelling & eCommerce: the milk & cookies of the digital world

It has been scientifically verified that one of the major influencers for making online purchases begins on an emotional level, deep down in your subconscious. This means that numerous stimuli come into play when it comes to making a purchasing decision. In a retail store, this stimuli could be packaged as an aroma, a particularly pleasing song or an attractive product display. Understanding the potential of this major selling power, our goal in developing Shopware 5 was to find a way to transfer these emotional triggers to the context of online shopping.

Far too many online shops are designed for targeted search and find, which makes for poor brand representation and too little diversity. Shopware 5 gives the retailer the possibility of creating inspiring environments that put the customer in the center of the shopping journey. Specifically, the new Storytelling feature makes this customer-centric journey possible in an incredibly impressive and modern way. 

For a closer impression of the Storytelling concept, check out this section from our "Shopware - Episode 5" feature film:  

Every industry applies to this concept: you name it—any and all valuable content adds to the shopping experience and customer journey. Images and videos, useful text and guides, interviews and recipes all evoke a positive atmosphere of relevance and influence the customer’s inclination to make a purchase. This relevance also significantly impacts the relationship the customer has with the vision and style of your unique online store, making them all the more likely to return.

Sideview and Quickview are additional elements that further amplify this concept—these can be used to inspire even more discovery, all without drawing the customer from their experience in your store.

This winning combination of storytelling and content marketing builds a sustainable customer-brand relationship from which everyone benefits.  Online retailers now have the power of providing richer, more interactive environments and in doing so, make room for more satisfying and meaningful experiences for their customers.

For a closer look into our Storytelling feature, you can request a demo or get in contact with a member of our team for a live presentation