Shopware Community Day - must-have eCommerce event


On September 4th 2015, over 1,400 merchants and agencies, 40 exhibitors and distinguished experts from all walks of eCommerce will meet for one of the most renowned events in the industry: the Shopware Community Day.

How it all began

Back in 2011, the guys and gals of Shopware organized the first Community Day as a way to unite an eclectic, talented and passionate group of people who happen to share one common interest: the future and betterment of online sales. The first Community Day proved that when diverse ideas and approaches are thrown into one pot, slowly cooked and boiled down, the result is a richer product that leaves everyone more satisfied and nourished. This is the principle of community involvement—this is what characterizes Shopware.


"Circus eCommerce" 

We chose “Circus eCommerce” as the motto for our 5th Community Day. This choice was not at random. Just like eCommerce, the circus is superficially understood as a single entity. Only once the curtains are pulled back do you see the individual human faces—each with different ideas, experiences and levels of expertise—that together represent the strength of the show. Improvement and progression are entirely dependent on these individuals. But it’s a symbiotic relationship: these people need a place where they can come together to cultivate expertise, share new ideas and become inspired by others.

What can you can expect

This year’s Community Day features presentations from various eCommerce experts. To spark a different fire, we also invited brilliant minds from experience and insight unrelated to online sales. Without a doubt, between the presentations on the main stage an specialized discussions in smaller session rooms, new horizons will open--Community Day participants plant seeds for the future of eCommerce. Per tradition, Shopware will address the latest and greatest from the upcoming release—Shopware 5.1—plus a few other surprises that cannot be missed.

Few things compliment the exchange of information and ideas better than a few adult beverages. So following Shopware tradition, there will be a party following the main event, where everyone is invited continue the Community Day festivities in a more relaxed atmosphere of grilling, cool refreshments and music.

Step into the ring

So come one, come all and experience the sensational, spectacular and strange. Tickets plus all information about Shopware Community Day 2015 can be found at Act before July 24th for the chance to get a discounted early-bird ticket.

Please note the website is only in German. Can’t speak German? No problem. Download our PDF then get in touch with us directly. We will make sure you get your tickets to the event.


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The Shopware Community Day in a nutshell:

Key figures: 1,400 merchants, agencies and developers; 40 exhibitors and speakers
Location: Tobit.Software – Parallelstraße 41, 48683 Ahaus, Germany
Date: September 4, 2015 – doors open at 9am
Motto: “Circus eCommerce”
Tickets and info: or email

Der-Shopware-Community-Day-2014-hier-bei-der-Keynote-war-schon-zehn-Tage-im-Voraus-ausverkauftThe 2014 Shopware Community Day sold out in 10 days - here is an overhead shot from the keynote presentation


Podium-discussion-ft-Jochen-Krisch-Dietmar-H-lscher-Pedro-Klemt-Adrian-Hotz-Mirko-Platz-Jochen-FuchsPodium discussion ft. Jochen Krisch, Dietmar Hölscher, Pedro Klemt, Adrian Hotz, Mirko Platz, Jochen Fuchs
Enjoying-drinks-and-food-after-an-awesome-eventEnjoying drinks and food after an fantastic event


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