Shopware 5.3 released - Download now!


“Customer Centricity” – look no further for the guiding theme of our latest version, Shopware 5.3, which is now available for download. Announced at the Shopware Community Day 2017, this release comes packed with a number of valuable new features, including Shopping Worlds Presets, Customer Steams, and expanded filter functionalities. Designed to meet the needs of modern eCommerce, not only do these features simplify your working processes, but they provide an even better shopping experience for your customers.

And that’s not all: The Shopware ERP powered by Pickware was expanded with new features, the Shopware core became even leaner, images can now be exchanged 1:1 in the Media Manager, and a new 3D plugin on GitHub can be used to incorporate 3D content into your shop. Never before was a release so close to the needs of people as with Shopware 5.3.

Visit our landing page to explore the new features behind Shopware 5.3 in detail:

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