Shopware 5.2 now available


As of immediately, the latest Shopware version – Shopware 5.2 – is available for download.

Our new version is more than just a release - it is our major step toward complete open source orientation. With this release, we ware shaking ourselves free from the remaining chains: the encryption of our Premium Plugins is using ionCube. Experience the highlights of the new features and improvements now: 

New shopping worlds with even better usability

einkaufsweltenWith the shopping worlds that have been newly designed from the ground up in Shopware 5.2, working on an emotional shopping experience has once again been made significantly easier and more sophisticated. This is ensured by features such as optimised operation for a range of devices, free groupability and a better preview function. And these are just a few improvements that enable you to focus even more on your core business.


Shopware ERP powered by Shopware

Shopware_ERP_PickwareAs of Shopware 5.2, the powerful ERP system, Pickware, comes integrated in the core of the Professional and Professional Plus editions, completely free of charge. This includes supplier, order and warehouse management capabilities, plus much more. You also have the option of expanding the automation processes in the warehouse, shopping and retail shop using Pickware Mobile, Pickware POS and other additional modules.

Subshops are now completely free of charge

Subshops5772490967870With Shopware 5.2, subshop licences are now a part of your Shopware core, making it possible to create subshops that each have their own individual URL. This means you can create additional brand shops, language shops, and much more, all without paying a cent for the license.


New marketing tools for increased revenue

Coinciding with the release of Shopware 5.2, you also have two new Premium Plugins available.

Shopping-AdvisorWith “Shopping Advisor”, you have a personal consultation tool directly in your online shop. You can create a questionnaire for your customers, which determines their shopping wishes and desires, and connects them with the perfect product.




Custom Products” makes it possible for your customers to easily create individualised products. This can be anything from a jersey with a name monogrammed on the back to a wedding band engraved with a date – the customisation possibilities are endless.



All Shopware 5.2 news at a glance

And that’s not all – you can check out the complete overview of the new functions of Shopware 5.2 and get started straight away!

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