Shopware 5.1.2 - Download now


Shopware 5.1.2 has been released. Download now the latest version now, which includes the following main changes:

Elasticsearch Support

Shopware now supports versions of Elasticsearch larger than 1.6

Media manager: Album names

The name of the default albums can be changed and adjusted in the media manager.

Multiple category assignments in Shopping Worlds

Shopping Worlds can now be assigned to multiple categories. So now a Shopping World can be used as a splash page for multiple categories.

SEO-title for landing pages

Custom SEO-titles can be stored in the module for landing pages.

Selectable sold out variants

Sold out variants can now be selected in the frontend with every configurator type.

Encorced second checkout step

A new configuration option was added to the core settings. When the option “Always select payment methods in checkout” is active, the second checkout step will always be displayed.

Update requirement

As a minimum prerequisite for updating, Shopware version 4.2.0 is required.

Download now