Shopware 5.1 now available!


The time has come. We start this week with a message, you are all waiting for: Shopware 5.1 is available!

This features are waiting for you

The latest version offers you a lot of new exciting and innovative oppertunities to create an emotional shopping experience. Shopware 5.1 includes for example our following features "Product Streams" and "Digital Publishing".

The new standard feature: Product Streams

If you want to promote specific assortments of your shop, Product Streams will be the perfect solution. You can easily create streams with product items of your choice. The streams will automatically update, if e.g. new products will be added to your store. 


Digital Publishing now available in all versions

With our new feature Digital Publishing you can easily create dynamic and seo-relevant full responsive banners, e.g. for your storytelling, directly in Shopware. If you are using a commercial version, you´ll find Digital Publishing in your plugin manager or in your account. 


Furthermore, "Elasticsearch" and the compatibillity with PHP 7 involves an even higher performance. 

And that´s now all! In the new version we have implemented several wishes from our large Shopware Community.

Get an whole overview on our landingpage

Discover all features, which we present to you on our landing page and get started.

Discover and download now

Have fun discovering and applying. We look forward to your projects with Shopware 5.1!