Save 693€ with our exclusive offer leading up to Shopware 5.2


After the spectacular Community Day, the anticipation rises for the next highlight: the release of Shopware 5.2 – the complete unleashing!

Coinciding with the launch of Shopware 5.2, we are also revealing two new Premium Plugins: Q & A Search Assistant (new name: Shopping Advisor) and Custom Products. In addition, the Premium Plugin, Subshop, will be free.

All good things come in threes

Purchase the current versions of Q & A Search Assistant and Custom Products and get a 20% early bird discount plus a free subshop on top.

Premium Plugin "Subshop"

20 % Eearly bird discount:*
Premium Plugin "Product Advisor"

20 % Early bird discount:*
Premium Plugin "Custom Products"

The total value is 1,485 EUR, but you can secure the bundle for only 792 EUR. With the launch of Shopware 5.2, you can then easily upgrade to the new versions of the plugins.

The offer is valid from now until Monday 20th June 2016 at 10:00am.

Save 693€ on your bundle now

*Your invoice will list the discount at a percentrage off each Premium Plugin.