Recap: the InternetRetailing Expo in Birmingham


Few things excite the Shopware team more than connecting with new customers and partners at events across Europe, and last week, from 27 – 28 April, the InternetRetailing Expo in Birmingham provided the perfect opportunity to do just that.  

Regarded as one of the most important events in eCommerce for the UK market, IRX gives a comprehensive look into the latest solutions for digital retail. Having just entered the UK market, it was a given that Shopware would be attending the fair to spread awareness and share why it became the leading eCommerce solution in Germany.

Feedback from visitors suggested that among the 300+ exhibitors, the Shopware stand stood out among the rest. As for the stand, Wiljo Krechting, spokesman for Shopware commented, “We wanted the Shopware stand to represent the company itself, which is open, authentic and visionary. That’s why it was completely open from all four sides and had a welcoming, natural atmosphere.”

The booth was anchored by four partners on each corner of the stand, representing the vast ecosystem of solutions connected to Shopware. These included agencies CB Squared and One Creations and technology providers Payolution and TradeByte.

Another highlight included the 60-minute workshop led by Stephan Bütterhoff (Manager International Sales, Shopware) and Mark Howes (Business Director, CB Squared). With over 90 registered participants, the workshop addressed a new method of webshop development where agencies and eCommerce platforms work more transparently to improve both online shops and the software itself.


Without a doubt, the most exciting portion of the expo was connecting with so many potential new customers and partners. Commenting on the many exciting conversations, Wiljo said: “Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who visited our stand, we are confident our growth in the UK will resemble that in Germany. In the next few years we hope to be the leading provider of eCommerce solutions in the UK market, as we in the German.”

Working in close collaboration with InternetRetailing, Shopware had the opportunity to publish a cobranded “Spotlight Interview” with Shopware’s CEO, Stefan Hamann. If you couldn’t make it to the event, simply follow the download link for a free copy of the interview, which provides a look into Shopware’s mission of becoming Europe’s leading eCommerce solution.

Shopware Spotlight Interview

Now back in Germany, the Shopware team looks forward to continuing the many promising conversations that were started at the event. If you are eager to hear more about how Shopware can serve your online business, please do not hesitate to call us (M-F, 8am – 4pm GMT) using +44 (0) 9497947 or email

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Shopware 5 broschure

Impressions from the IRX:


Julian Perera from One Creations


Ian Roderick from Newsletter2Go


Stephan Bütterhoff from Shopware


Jan Kösters from Shopware


Mark Howes from CB Squared


That's a wrap - we look forward to seeing you there next year!