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Why should you update to Shopware 5.2?

Our incentive is to continuously develop Shopware so that your eCommerce life gets both more dynamic and increasingly easier. In Shopware’s backend, we want your daily work to become more comfortable; in the frontend, a more emotional and memorable shopping experience for your customers. Proof of the fact can be seen in our latest release, Shopware 5.2.

Today we want to present the key features along with share the experiences of other shop owners who are already taking advantage of the latest Shopware release.

Your advantages with Shopware 5.2

New Shopping Worlds for even easier operation

With the reconceptualised Shopping Worlds in Shopware 5.2, you now have much easier pathways for creating an emotional shopping experience in your online shop. Features such as optimized operation for different devices, flexible grouping options, an even better preview function and a direct translation function all stand at attention, ready to help bring your online shop to life.


Martin Weinmayr, Managing Director of dasistweb

"Thanks to a number of new features, including simplified management in Shopping Worlds, shop owners have a massive advantage for marketing and content management. This makes Shopware even more competitive and one of the most versatile eCommerce solutions on the market. One thing is clear: our backend and frontend developers, as well as the shop owners, are completely satisfied – and in the end, so are the customers."

Free subshop licenses

Subshop licenses are now a direct component of Shopware’s core and can be freely integrated into your shop without any additional charge. This means you can create subshops for as many customer groups or countries and you would like, enabling you to reach target groups and achieve the perfect individual shopping experience to strengthen your growth.

Shopware ERP powered by PICKWARE

With the new Shopware ERP powered by Pickware, basic ERP functions are now centrally available in your Shopware backend. As of Shopware 5.2, the powerful ERP system is free and directly integrated into the Professional and Professional Plus editions. This means no additional interfaces and no double data maintenance – all data is maintained centrally in one Shopware ERP powered by Pickware.

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More about the new features

High plugin compatibility with Shopware 5.2

Within the past month, a great amount of focus was placed on making plugins compatible with Shopware 5.2, so that you can easily integrate them into your shop. In you happen to use plugins have yet to be adapted and prevent you from making the update, please let us know by sending an email to

Amplid & Pally’Hi: How upgrading from Shopware 4 to 5.2 looks in practice

Peter Bauer is the founder and CEO of the popular board sports brand, Amplid, and Merino apparel brand, Pally’Hi. Until a few weeks ago, both shops were still running on Shopware 4. In order to keep their shops state-of-the-art, offer customers new & inspirational shopping experiences and to improve working processes, Peter decided to completely relaunch both shops using Shopware 5.2 as the basis.


Peter Bauer, founder and CEO of Pally’Hi and Amplid

"Updating to Shopware 5.2 brought some extraordinary features that really improve our workflows: this also includes the seemingly banal but essential ‘Multiedit’.

In addition, we control two different shops with individual URLs from one central backend. The subject of multilingualism and different prices per country can be perfectly solved through the use of subshops. The fact that these can be integrated free of charge makes internationalizing truly simple.

The responsiveness is also unbeatable, as this has an impact everywhere: from the Shopping Worlds on the homepage to the product detail view. Now a perfect branding experience can be created across every conceivable terminal and all functions are still easy to operate."

Step by step, we followed Peter, his team and implementation agency, dastistweb, through the processes of relaunching both shops. Take a look behind the scenes in our relaunch blog series.

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Don’t lose any more time – here’s how you can update:

As you can see, updating to Shopware 5.2 brings you multiple advantages as an online retailer. Our wiki take you through the process of updating your shop, helping you begin taking advantage of these new features as soon as possible:

All update packages are available in the download section of our Community page.

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Any questions?

With any questions concerning Shopware 5.2 or specific features, we welcome you to contact us directly by writing an email to