Plugin manufacturers can now manage reviews


Reviews significantly influence the purchasing process. Of course, we don’t have to convince you of this, just think back to your own shopping experiences. As valuable as they are for you, they’re also important feedback for the manufacturer, so that they can always maintain the highest standard of quality.

For these reasons, we went ahead and adjusted the rating rules in the Community Store. This allows you to thoroughly review tested or purchased plugins according to guidelines. You can find more information here.

How the new rating system works

Along with a more detailed rating process for the reviewer, the manufacturer can now directly respond to plugin feedback. The manufacturer also has the option of accepting or rejecting a review, should it be unjustified or not follow the guidelines.

Just as the manufacturer receives an email notifying them of any new reviews, you will also receive an email indicating the status of your review.

What happens when your review is rejected?

The manufacturer of your reviewed plugin has four days to respond to your assessment. Should he reject your review, he must provide you with a valid justification. You then also have four days to adjust your review accordingly.

Should the conversation ping pong twice without any agreement, the manufacturer has the option of contacting Shopware for a further assessment of the review. Only then will Shopware check the review and decide whether it should be accepted, rejected or settled. The latter means the rating will increase to six out of ten stars if less than six were awarded in the original review.

What happens if there is no response for four days?

Failure of the manufacturer to respond within four days results the review being automatically released and published in the Community Store. Likewise, failure of the reviewer to respond within four days results in the review being automatically rejected and not published.

In both cases, both the shop owner and manufacturer will be notified by email.

Subsequent changes to the rating possible

You also have the option of adjusting your ratings which have already been published. Any changes must be accepted or rejected by the plugin manufacturer.

The new rating system helps shop owners better improve the performance of their modules so that they better meet the needs of shop owners.


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