New Google Index: Why it’s worthwhile to update to Shopware 5


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On October 13th, Google’s Webmaster Analyst, Gary Illyes, announced at Pubcon that Google is working on a new index. Google currently only has a single search index that selects the results for mobile and desktop searches. In the future, this will be split between two separate indexes, with the mobile index taking the reigns as the primary index. According to Gary Illyes, the desktop index will not disappear altogether, but will be considered secondary to the mobile index.

With this update, Google is responding to changes in consumer behavior: not only were 50% of search requests created using mobile end devices, but numerous studies confirm that mobile sales are growing significantly in eCommerce.

Unclear how the index will work

At the moment it’s not completely known which criteria are decisive for the mobile index. What is certain, however, is that Google will look at the mobile and desktop versions separately from one another. When crawling websites, Google will focus on the mobile website. Therefore, if the content is trimmed down for the mobile version of the website, it will receive a lower result in the mobile search ranking. However, exact information regarding when they’ll implement this update is not yet available.

Mobile optimization with Shopware 5

You already have the basis for the Google update with your Shopware 5 shop, which includes a responsive template in the standard. This also provides its own separate sitemap.xml for mobile devices.

The responsive template caters to the Google Crawler, which is checking your website for mobile- friendliness. Another advantage is that with the responsive theme, pages that are relevant for search engines are completely on-page optimized.

Therefore, Shopware 5 already offers sustainable and reliable solutions for creating search-machine-friendly content for Google.

Why updating to Shopware 5 is worthwhile

Are you using Shopware 4 as the basis for your online shop? Allow us to explain why switching to Shopware 5 is totally worth it:


This graph reveals an excerpt from the Google Webmasters Account, where the statistics reflect the number of issues related to user-friendliness on mobile devices both before and after the release of Shopware 5. As you can see, with the change to Shopware 5, the responsive template makes it so that no errors or suggestions for improvement could be reported.

In addition, there are numerous possibilities offered by Shopware’s Shopping Worlds for optimizing your content for mobile devices. You can perfectly adjust your Shopping Worlds for individual devices and easily customize how the content plays out. You can see for yourself by testing Shopping Worlds in our Shopware backend:

Test Shopping Worlds now

Additional benefits of Shopware 5

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