Mobilegeddon 2.0 – important changes to Google’s algorithm


Experts agree that the future of eCommerce will be shaped by the digital habits of the end user. So when user behavior shows a growing trend, major influencers in eCommerce pay close attention.

Google is one of the most powerful forces reacting to our digital habits. This can be seen in April of last year, when they launched a major algorithmic update, popularly dubbed “Mobilegeddon”. With their end users in mind, this update was a proactive response to the increasing use of mobile devices. The goal was to improve mobile experiences by awarding mobile-friendly websites and punishing those that didn’t comply with the update. Mobilegeddon left a very clear message: you must adapt to survive.

Increased ranking for mobile-friendly websites

Google recently announced they were about to intensify the effect of mobile rankings, giving even greater priority to websites who meet their mobile-friendly requirements test. If you aren’t sure if your website meets these requirements, Google offers a very straight-forward Mobile-Friendly test. There are two possible outcomes:


For those who passed the test, sit back and relax: you will not be affected by the second coming of Mobilegeddon. For those who did not pass, listen up: if you want to remain relevant, now if the time to seriously reconsider your mobile approach.

Shopware has the best prerequisites

Fortunately, as a Shopware customer you already have the technological basis to easily become mobile-friendly. That’s because Shopware 5 comes with a fully responsive template, which automatically adjusts your website to complement different viewport sizes. Whether viewed on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, Shopware adjusts your website content to fit the device being used.

Moreover, Shopware’s responsive template increases usability on difference devices. This means accommodating the needs of smartphone users with features such as off-canvas menus and a more simplified checkout process, as seen here:


If you are still using Shopware 4, there is no better time than now to upgrade to Shopware 5, which perfectly prepared your website for mobile-use and greatly improves your Google ranking. Moreover, support for Shopware 4’s emotion template will end with the release of Shopware 5.2.

How the update works

We created an Update Guide that takes you step-by-step through the updating process. Once you’ve updated, there are a number of available themes in the Community Store, which provide even more options for presenting your product assortment on every device.

You can get in touch with a Shopware specialist to learn more about the updating process. We are more than happy to share the new features that you can look forward to with Shopware 5 as the basis for your online shop.

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