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The weather outside may be frightful, but some hot deals from Shopware are coming to town. Tomorrow, Black Friday is finally upon us all, which means you get to save 15% on every Shopware Premium Plugin.

Premium Plugins have all been developed in-house as valuable sales and marketing tools for your online shop; tools to help you outshine the competition.

There are twelve Premium Plugins in total, each of which can be purchased individually and for a one-time fee. If you have the Professional Plus edition, you hold the golden ticket since every Premium Plugin comes inclusive in your license fee.

Now get to know these fabulous features - they are highly useful in busy shopping seasons like the holidays, and help retain customers long after the season is over. Don’t need an introduction? Then head over to our special category now and get ready to save – save- save! This sale lasts from MIDNIGHT TONIGHT - 11:59 MONDAY NIGHT (27 - 30 Nov).

Save 15% on Premium Plugins!


Customers are able to create and save wish lists, which can later be shared on social media or sent as a link to family / friends. Within the wish list itself, you can also include recommendations to other products, thereby potentially increasing the shopping cart value even further. This is an invaluable service, especially when the holidays come around.


A tested and proved strategy for maintain customer loyalty; a strategy is used by massive brands around the world. When you offer a point system, you can individually assign each product a set number of points, which the customer collects in order to redeem a special prize or discount to their total order. This plugin can be used in a number of creative ways in order to make shopping in your store more interactive and enjoyable.


Create complimentary combinations of products, which can be purchased for an absolute or percentage discount. Not only do bundles increase your average basket value, but they provide your customers with a service – by matching complimentary products, the satisfaction with the purchase increases vastly.


Create completely separate shopping environments for select customer groups. For instance, this can be used to segment B2B and B2C customer groups. Customers registering for a group can also be approved or denied by you in the backend, plus customer management takes place centrally from your Shopware backend. Adjusting prices and shopping environments for both groups is incredibly simple, thanks to this highly unique plugin.


Your customers will enjoy adding their personal touches to your items. You can create a flexible pricing structure based on the customization options you’ve already defined in the backend. The customer’s selections, plus any applicable surcharges, will appear in the checkout process in the backend. Moreover, this plugin is compatible with Bundles, Live Shopping and much more.


This module is a hot seller in the Community Store – this plugin creates a live countdown in your online shop, igniting a gambling fire and playfulness to online shopping. Offer special discounts for a limited time only; discounts which can be percentage or absolute and increase or decrease as time passes.



This is series of questions that guide your customer to the exact product they are looking for. Throughout the questionnaire, you have the option of presenting product recommendations to the customer in a live preview. You can also recommend products that don’t completely match their answers (i.e. products that appear slightly above their budget).


Get personal with your customers: use this plugin to send your customers individualized newsletters that are based on their purchasing/browsing history. This is a great way to turn one-time customers into repeat customers. Newsletters are also totally easy to customize, thanks to a drag & drop editor in the backend. If you’re familiar with Shopping Worlds, creating custom newsletters will come like riding a bicycle. 


This plugin is the official bridge between your customers and the products they’re looking for. This dynamic, fault-tolerant tool allows products to be searched by name, manufacturer, property and much more. You also have the option of weighing the responses, therefore influencing which product best matches the entered search terms.


Create a subscription service for specific products in your online shop – these products will then be delivered on a defined schedule to your customers (monthly, weekend, etc.). You can set the discount to be incremental based on the length of the subscription. Per Premium Plugin tradition, this plugin lets you get creative with your product offerings.


Would you like to run multiple shops from one central backend? Using the Subshop plugin, you can operate several shops, each with different domains, templates, products, etc. This allows you to reach new target groups while maintaining a clear overview of your products and inventory, conveniently from your one backend.


This tool acts as a data management center for all customer communication. There’s no need to work with a separate email client in order to handle your customer’s inquiries, since this easy-to-use module in the backend stores all communication in the form of tickets. You can even assign your employees to specific tickets in order to optimize your customer-communication workflow even further.


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