Increase your sales with these holiday plugin helpers

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The holidays are one of the most lucrative seasons in eCommerce. To ensure you’re prepared to deck the halls with bounties of turnover, we’ve compiled a list of relevant extensions from the Community Store.

In the “Holiday season” section, you’ll find useful holiday templates, plugins to highlight your expected delivery time, extensions for offering gift packaging with a greeting card, and much more!

To your holiday helpers

The perfect marketing plugins for holiday success

We’d like to introduce you to a few effective marketing tools, developed directly by us at Shopware. These not only promise absolute compatibility with your shop, but also give a solid boost to your end-of-year sales (and the subsequent months thereafter). The Premium Plugins are available either to rent on a monthly basis or, alternatively, can be purchased for a one-time fee. Of course, you are also welcome to test them without any obligation for 30 days, free of charge.

Attractive holiday campaigns with the Advanced Promotion Suite

Use this all-in-one tool to easily plan and schedule a variety of campaigns in advance, ultimately increasing your basket value and positively influencing your conversion rate.


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Build bundles for more spontaneous purchases

Help your customers find complimentary items by creating bundles. A wool hat with a matching scarf and mittens; a camera lens with tripod and SD card – the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Make your bundle even more attractive by offering a percentage or absolute discount off the total price – your bundles will be highlighted in your storefront with a red discount tag.

The ability for the shop owner to target different groups with individualized bundles is particularly useful. In peak periods of traffic, such as Christmas when everyone is looking for gift ideas, these group-specific recommendations encourage impulse purchases.” - Joachim Ehmann, Comtech

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Smart Newsletter for more relevance

Email remains one of the most widely used marketing tools in online business. Inform your customers in advance of special promotions/sales and increase traffic to your store.

  • Personalized recommendations: the tool automatically analyses your customer’s behavior and sends them individualized product recommendations.
  • Holiday vouchers: distribute individual voucher codes that can only be redeemed for a limited time – you can also limit your vouchers to specific customer groups.
  • Reminder: shortly before you launch a holiday campaign, send a reminder to your customers to refresh their memory.

The more your advertising is tailored for your customers, the more likely they are to complete a purchase in your shop.


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Personalized gifts with Custom Products

Help your customers create one-of-a-kind gifts for their loved ones with Custom Products. For example, a bag can be individualized with regard to material, the color and hardware. This can also go the other way around: a customer can personalize their own product and send it as a permalink to their family and friends – the perfect wish list!

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Live Shopping for lightning offers

Make your online shop instantly more attractive with an interactive countdown. You draw special attention to your products by offering limited-time discount that either counts down by time or product availability. Live Shopping not only promotes scarcity, but also awakens something in bargain hunters – who doesn’t like to take advantage of a great deal?


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Personal product consultation with Shopping Advisor

Sometimes wish lists only give you small hints; where clues like “a nice backpack” could mean basically anything. With Shopping Advisor, you can present a series of questions regarding specific style & taste, ultimately leading your customer to their perfect product. This allows your customers easily narrow down your product assortment to the items that meet individual wishes.

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Advanced Cart for a higher volume of visitors

Attract twice as many customers to your online shop – this plugin lets your customers create individual wish lists of products, which can be shared via social media or per direct link to their friends and family. Like the other Premium Plugins, this can be utilized year round to give your store an extra boost in sales and customer satisfaction.

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