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Which trends and technologies will shape eCommerce in 2018 and beyond? As a driver of innovation in German eCommerce, we presented our new roadmap including our future visions at the Shopware Community Day 2017. We are focusing on three key areas that we believe will have an influence on digital commerce for years to come. 

1. Better customer experience through 3D product visualisations

In a digital world where it is increasingly difficult to make your online shop stand out from among the crowds of competitors, the customer experience is critical. If shopping is long-winded and stressful, very few customers will return to your shop. However if the customer feels good while shopping, maybe their loyalty can be won in the long term. Three-dimensional product visualisation is a technology that might have been made for this emotional connection. This technology creates a 3D model of a product, which can then be showcased in the shop in an impressive setting. This helps the customer get an even better feel for the product and thus at least partially compensates for the advantage of shops in the real world – by making it possible to truly experience products. 3D product visualisations are a key topic for the eCommerce of the future, particularly as regards better and more widespread VR and AR technologies. 

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2. Artificial intelligence (in the backend) 

Last year artificial intelligence was one of the biggest and hottest topics in the tech world – and it will continue to be centre stage; the technologies in this exciting field are still in their infancy. We can hardly begin to imagine the full potential of artificial intelligence. Particularly since the possibilities for use of AI seem to be almost endless. Of course, this also benefits eCommerce. In 2018 and beyond, there will always be new opportunities to offer the customer an even better shopping experience with the help of artificial intelligence, or to make things easier for the shop owner. Shopware is demonstrating what can be achieved with research into a new, intelligent backend. The aim is for it to use detailed analysis to "think" to a certain extent, and support the user with intelligent suggestions. The backend learns the personal habits of its users and independently adapts to them.

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3. Hyper-connectivity

One of the trends that is a little less tangible, but in no ways less important than the others, is the increased interaction between different technologies – hyper-connectivity. We live in a world where things are changing at breakneck speed. At the same time, the complexity and degree of networking are also increasing. Everything is connected with everything else, and technologies have to integrate themselves perfectly into this shifting landscape. In eCommerce there is a move towards developing products and functions that are adaptable and future-proof. For example, Shopware takes this step with a new core. Symfony 4 and the modern Cloud strategy guarantee that this new core is constantly suited to the highest state-of-the-art requirements. 

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These and other topics will shape eCommerce in 2018 and beyond. As a driver of innovation, Shopware will actively work with these technologies and help to shape future commerce. Discover all of Shopware's research topics and its open roadmap now! 

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