dmexco 2015: record-breaking success


For the fifth consecutive year, the Shopware team participated in one of the most outstanding international trade fairs for digital marketing – dmexco 2015 in Cologne. Over the course of two days, the digital industry turned a new leaf, beginning the next season of innovation in the online world.

The 2015 dmexco broke records. On one hand, with over 43,000 visitors and 800 exhibitors, the conference was able to report the largest attendance to date. On the other, Shopware rocked the largest exhibition stand in company history – 120sq/m with 13 co-exhibitors and 17 Shopware team members.


Appropriately positioned directly next to the Start-up Village, the bright Shopware-blue stand radiated with enthusiasm and energy; the perfect segue for interesting conversations with visitors who have an eye on innovation. In one high point of many, the Shopware stand was visited by Garrelt Duin, the State Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy of North Rhine-Westphalia, who was keen to gather a deeper impression of the Shopware product and business model.

“It’s simply great to see how your business center is thriving. We need more innovative and personable companies like you, who have the courage to realize their ideas,” Duin expressed while discussing the current state of online trade.


(Photo left: Stefan Heyne, Shopware CEO; Garrelt Duin, State Minister; Tobias Blick, Shopware Marketing Director; Wiljo Krechting, Shopware Public Relations Manager)

“Bridging worlds”

Without a doubt, one important theme was echoed throughout the event: that life was found beyond the world of facts, data and technology. Survival in the digital landscape depends on the resources of this other world, where creativity flows like honey and innovation can be picked right off the tree. In this other world, storytelling is used to share information and personal wellbeing is directly proportional to connectivity (direct translation for our friends of facts and figures: y = cx).

Modern retailers must reframe their digital approach, connect with this other world and assimilate in order to succeed online. Digital strategies should celebrate individuality, imagination and innovation in equal weight as the technology behind their approach.

For this reason, our team took delight in presenting the innovative features of Shopware 5.1; our latest version that perfectly responds to the technological and creative needs of modern online sales.

Since we closely cooperate with our partners and customers, we were proud to have 13 co-exhibitors framing the stand, representing the diversity of services connected with our platform. Ultimately, this partner involvement also led to richer interactions, as the diverse requirements of our visitors could be addressed by the experts themselves.

We want to thank everyone who stopped by the stand, making this the most successful dmexco in Shopware history. We look forward to innovating along with the coming seasons and returning next year, September 14 & 15th, 2016. 


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Further impressions from dmexco 2015


dmexco was the perfect showcase for Shopware's powerful new features, such as Digital Publishing and Product Streams


Not pictured: 16 other Shopware team members, also enjoying connecting with visitors over modern technology. 


One of 12 co-exhibitors, dasistweb, who also recently won a Shop Usability Award for the Go IN GmbH online shop. 


Never a dull moment at the Shopware stand. We hope to see you there next year!