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A classic bouquet of roses, romantic dinner or perhaps a weekend at the spa…

Many are currently thinking about what to get their loved one for Valentine’s Day. Of course, we also want to express our appreciation, but came to the conclusion that one day celebrating is not enough. Instead, we opted for a Valentine's Long Weekend SALE

Spanning between now and Monday at 11:59pm, you can look forward to four rich days of outstanding deals in the Shopware Community Store. Numerous partners have discounted their plugin prices specifically for this long-weekend sale. This event offers diverse expansion possibilities for your shop, for a greatly discounted price. Perhaps the plugin you’ve had your eye on is offered on sale – check it out!

Discover the special offers now

10% off the Live Shopping plugin

During our Valentine’s special, we want to give you a whopping 10% off the popular Premium Plugin, Live Shopping. Secure one of the plugins developed by Shopware and immediately start offering limited promotions, i.e. with a live countdown of prices rising or falling. You customers will love it! !

To the Live Shopping plugin

Enjoy discovering, saving and enhancing your online shop with new extensions!