Congratulations to our Shopware finalists


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Today we have 35 reasons to celebrate, as this is the total number of Shopware shops nominated for the 2016 Shop Usability Awards. With this staggering number, nearly 50% of all nominated shops use Shopware as the basis for their eCommerce project.

At least one shop is based on Shopware in every single category, which is as a true testament of the system’s flexibility as any. Even special categories were convinced by outstanding Shopware references, who can now look forward to an exciting finale on 22nd September 2016 at the Gloria Palace in the heart of Munich, Germany.

The Shop Usability Award – originated by Johannes Altmann, CEO of Shoplupe – has become one of the most prestigious eCommerce awards in Germany and is now celebrating its 9th year decorating exceptional online shops.

Keep your fingers crossed

Congratulations are in order for our 35 finalists – we wish you all continued success and look forward to seeing you take the podium on 22nd September.


Category "Accessories, Gifts & Lifestyle": (implementation by Netshops Commerce) (implementation by Agentur3B) 


Category "B2B": (implementation by dasistweb) (implementation by Gilde3.0) (implementation by Portaltech Reply)


Categry "Electronics, Software & Mobile": (implementation by MND Next) (implementation by Netshops Commerce) (implementation by NETFORMIC)


Category "Food & Drink": (implementation by conexco) (implementation by Datema Software & Beratung) (implementation by Neofonie)


Category "Freetime, Hobby & Pet": (implementation by Portaltech Reply)


Category "Household, DIY & Garden": (implementation by Shopbrains by BLmedia) (implementation by KOMMA-D Rainer Weber & Oliver Gries)


Category "Furniture & Living": (implementation by Ottscho IT-Service & Consulting)


Category "Fashion": (implementation by Mediagraphik)


Category "Special Interest": (implementation by webefellows)


Category "Toys, Kids & Baby": (implementation by dasistweb) (implementation by onacy) (implementation by Netshops Commerce)


Category "Sport & Outdoor": (implementation by webweit) (implementation by onacy)


Category "Wellness, Beauty & Health": (implementation by onacy) (implementation by onlinepuls)


Special Category "Best Brand Shop": (implementation by Neofonie) (implementation by onacy)


Special Category "Most Innovative Shop": (implementation by Shopbrains by BLmedia) (implementation by Datema Software & Beratung)


Special Category "Small Business": (implementation by KOMMA-D Rainer Weber & Oliver Gries) (implementation by Portaltech Reply)


Special Category "Social Projects": 


How Shopware cleaned-up in 2015

By the way: last year, 50% of all category winners were Shopware shops, which even included the special category for “Best Brand Shop”. You can check out the complete report here.