Checklist: Maybe it is time to change your eCommerce platform


eCommerce is a rapidly evolving terrain. Nearly every day, either a new solution pops up in the market or a traditional system provides an update or has a major release in the works. While some platforms update and develop at a faster pace in order to continue meeting the needs of their customers, others grow increasingly obsolete. 

Many online shop owners eventually reach a point when they consider changing their system. More often than not, this is a strategic decision. They want to increase their potential to grow in their market, meet new customer demands or simply work with a better and more modern system.


More of a hindrance than a help?

If you feel your eCommerce platform has become more of a hindrance than a help, a few questions can help you decide if it’s time to look for a new solution: Is your business model outgrowing your eCommerce platform? Has your platform’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) been difficult to predict? Are the upgrades difficult to manage and are they cutting into your company’s revenue every year? Are you worried about the future of the platform and major upgrades?

To ensure long-term growth in a competitive landscape, it’s important you reassess your digital strategy and measure it against the platform’s capabilities. As your business is unique, you don’t need a “One Size Fits All” approach. 


We understand eCommerce

At Shopware we understand commerce. We offer complete transparency and want to help you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting your eCommerce platform. The following checklist can be used to help you define your business goals and platform requirements.


 Do you experience growing pains with your current platform?

 Is your current platform ready to support growth without dramatically increasing your TCO?

 Does your platform support growth beyond your online store?

 Can you easily customise your solution to meet your business needs?

 Does it have the option of adding plugins?

 Would you need to purchase additional licences to support your growth?

 Do you get manufacturer support?

 Are you clear about the company’s vision?

 Evaluate the platform’s ecosystem: Do they have a strong partner network? Do they already offer integrations with third-party systems?

 Are the APIs open?

 Can your platform truly deliver a content + commerce solution?

 What are the native functionalities your platform can offer? Are they eliminating the need for add-ons, which will lower your TCO?

 Does your platform provider understand your business? Do they understand the needs of your customers?


At Shopware, we care about our customers; we care about you. Our platform is trusted by over 54,000+ merchants and comes backed by best-of-breed enterprise capabilities.

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