Be one of the first to test Shopware 5.2.0


Last Friday, at the 2016 Shopware Community Day, the forthcoming version 5.2 was presented to a crowd of 1,600 visitors, the highlights of which include:

Improved Technology:

* Refactored core classes to now offer better customer & accounting management
* Additional attribute fields, which can be defined using a simple backend module
* New plugin system with a deeper integration into Shopware
* Shopware ERP, powered by Pickware, integrated in the default Professional and Professional Plus editions
* Elimination of ionCube encryption

New Features:

* Improved address management: now customers can manage several addresses
* New shopping cart
* New Shopping Worlds: improved usability and better overview of different devices
* Core integration of subshops and completely free to use

You can already download 1st beta release and begin testing Shopware’s latest developments. As an open company, we want to hear your feedback – while you’re working with 5.2, please notify us of any bugs or send us ideas for improvement through our Issue Tracker.

Beta 5.2 download

New features at a glance

Shopware 5.1.6 released

We have also released Shopware 5.1.6, which contains an important solution for an issue that arose when saving the core settings when using PHP 5.6.21 or 7.0.6.

Download 5.1.6