“Pure pleasure in water” – the company’s claim hints to the innovative luxury fittings they distribute worldwide. GROHE, the world’s leading supplier of tapware under one brand, now distributes a portion of their assortment directly to end users by means of a new online shop. As a global brand for sanitary products and services, GROHE relies on brand values such as quality, design and sustainability. Therefore, it should be no surprise they trust Shopware as the basis of their international online store.

Shopware was the first choice

Modern technology, ease of customizability and proximity to Shopware developers – these factors were decisive when choosing Shopware for the demanding GROHE project. When it came to project implementation, Shopware Solution Partner twocream creative media GmbH was a clear choice due to their extensive experience programming and designing individual templates. The agency is a long-term partner of Grohe AG has been caring after the company since 1999. Twocream was able to realize the complex requirements of the GROHE online shop with the Shopware Enterprise Edition.

Internationalization possibilities with Shopware

GROHE’s worldwide distribution paths not only differ from country to country, but also from product to product – clearly, this posed as one of the many hurdles that had to be conquered during shop implementation. These challenges posed by GROHE’s international requirements were immense: it was necessary to find a smart solution for managing a total of 29 languages and 26 different product portfolios, not to mention the challenge of international tax rates. For instance, the European GROHE shop sells only 15-25 products, whereas nearly 200 products are distributed directly to end users in the USA and Canada.


With a highly demanding shop concept, adjustments to detail were incredibly important to the success of the project. Here the agency’s decision to use the Enterprise Edition was completely confirmed by the fact that they were able to work in close cooperation with Shopware developers in order to create a custom solution. Since Shopware 5.2, it became possible to create any number of subshops for absolutely no additional cost, which was essential for executing the complex system of product mapping between various countries.

Integration with an individual system world

The prerequisites for the GROHE’s shop system were high: “Price information and presentation of the product availability in real-time with the highest security requirements – the GROHE shop had to seamlessly fit into the GROHE system world,” said Christoph Hackenberg, CEO of twocream creativemedia GmbH.

The shop uses various sources such as SAP, Hybris-IM and Celum to manage their data, and twocream developed various interfaces to synchronize Shopware with the existing infrastructure. Asynchronous interfaces ensure the highest possible failure-prevention and data loss. Moreover, the corporate design of GROHE had to be seamlessly carried over to the new website.


Twocream can confidently conclude: “In comparison with other typical Enterprise eCommerce solutions, Shopware really stands out in terms to the short time-to-market and significantly lower investment volume.”

To the shop

Key facts


Technical requirements:

  • Asynchronous interface to SAP (product availability and orders)
  • Product assortment incl. product prices from Hybris PIM
  • Asses data from Celum (via Hybris)
  • Interface to the fulfillment carrier (UPS)
  • Connection to global web CRM