Location and Place

Phoenix Way, Off Barton Dock Road

Going North!

Being home of the first industrial revolution, Manchester has a certain history of making innovations and business. That makes it the perfect location for one of the biggest eCommerce events held outside of London: The eCommerce Show North. Here, up to 100 exhibitors and 3,000 visitors, industry experts and leading professionals gather to discuss the biggest eCommerce challenges that await all of us in the future.

Get useful tips about how to differentiate and stand out from the crowd, how to foster engagement, and what you can do to remain relevant. Shopware will attend as an exhibitor; we are looking forward to discussing these topics with you and informing you about the latest news surrounding our leading eCommerce platform.

Learn first-hand about the latest news from Shopware universe:

  • The latest features made available by Shopware 5.5

  • Shopware’s new business intelligence tools

  • Tips on how to effectively internationalise your business using Shopware

  • Tour the B2B Suite through illuminative success stories, and much more!