Do you see design not only as "How does that look?" but also "How does that work?" Are you careful and a master of detail, but do not lose sight of the big picture? Is design not just a profession for you, but an attitude of mind? Then we're waiting for you!

We're looking for support in the following areas

Corporate Design

As a member of the Corporate Design team, you will deal with the standardised presentation to the outside world. The tasks are varied and range from designing our website, preparing printed matter or merchandise articles to designing trade fair stands.

Product Design

The Product Design team focuses on optimising our software. You will work on a well-planned user interface and perfect usability for the shopware backend and frontend. Thanks to you, our product promise "Emotional shopping on any device" will be made reality.

This is what you'll bring to the table:

  • A feeling for modern design
  • Interest in new technologies
  • Everything is possible but nothing is mandatory: Adobe Creative Suite? HTML & CSS? Sketch, InVision, Flinto and Co.?
  • Openness towards new, agile working methods
  • Independence, but a good team player too

This is what we're offering you:

  • A young, open-minded team
  • A lot of freedom to try out new ideas and find yourself
  • The chance to help design your own working environment
  • The opportunity to work on something big
  • And many other benefits on which you can find down below

That's your application

Qualifications and marks aren't so important to us. We're interested in which you really can do. Whether you're self-taught, a lateral entrant or an old hand, let's see your portfolio. Send us a pdf, your website or your dribbble and Behance account.

What share did you have in projects? Did you develop the project or ensure it was implemented? Or were you responsible for the whole thing? What are your strengths? In which areas do you want to take us forward? What motivates you, what drives you?

Just apply with our application tool:

The application and selection process

After we review your application, we will contact you for an interview at the Shopware headquarters.

If we feel you’re a great fit for the Shopware team, we’ll arrange a time for you to join us for a trial working day, where you’ll gather a more personal idea of our daily work-life. At the end of the day, we will clarify any open questions and let you know when you can hear from us next.

Anne Göpel

With any question about the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact our talent scout, Anne Göpel.

Why work at Shopware?

Every day we are driven by the vision that we will achieve something amazing. Shopware is the perfect environment to make that vision a reality.

Your workplace

Look forward to a bright, friendly and modern and headquarters that reflects Shopware’s corporate identity. From the lounge to the offices and Shopware beach, you are surrounded by an inspiring working atmosphere. You will receive a stylish and comfortable working space that inspires your genius to shine.

Your team

At Shopware, you should feel at home with a team that’s like a second family. Your professional life shouldn’t stray far from your personal – so come as you are. Count on flat hierarchies, where teams are organized independently and invite you to the decision making process. Here you will work with your heart and head – not your elbow.

Your impact

We enjoy cultivating innovation. The faces behind Shopware are true professionals from various backgrounds with valuable insight to offer. Every individual has a voice; every wild idea is taken seriously – when it comes to progress, the crazier the better. Shopware is the sum of big ideas – and that’s why you are so important to us!

Your freedom

If your battery is running low, simply take a holiday – your personal wellbeing is of utmost importance. You will also find other opportunities to regenerate at gatherings like our weekly global breakfast, monthly Stammtisch (German for “drinking with your colleagues”) and other company outings and special events. You should burn for Shopware without the burnout!

Your value

Underpaid? Not on our clock. At Shopware, you will get the salary you deserve along with great career prospects. Receive compensation for any overtime and benefit from various additional bonuses – we offer you a share of our yearly profits, free drinks and fruit, a free gym membership and contributions to capital formation.

Your future

We endorse lifelong learning! Shopware employees consistently have the opportunity to develop themselves. Therefore, we offer support when it comes to trainings and give you enough time during the working day to become accustomed to new technologies and trends