Back in 1919, an ambitious young man named Walter Seidensticker borrowed 5,000 German Marks to kick-start production for his line of dress shirts. Within the first year alone, the 23-year-old entrepreneur brought in a profit of 70,000 Marks. Now for nearly 100 years, the company has managed to maintain this incredible growth streak; seen in their massive expansion to include additional brands such as Schwarze Rose, Jacques Britt and Redford. Their incredible success can be traced back to these original founding days, when Walter Seidensticker refused to accept limitations and realize his dreams. Continuing on that trend, the company decided to no longer sell only shirts, but also high-quality fashion for men and women that can be purchased online and in their 16 stores, scattered world-wide.


Blazing new trails

At a time when the fashion industry was quickly turning toward more digital means, Seidensticker needed to move quickly in order to remain at the forefront of the scene. As a company that always reacted to the times, they were looking for new means to continue their success as a fashion trendsetter. When considering the future of the company, the executive board saw tremendous opportunity in focusing on the online sales of their famous clothing line.

Part of this strategy included completely relaunching the online presence of the Seidensticker and Jacques Britt online shops. “With the relaunch, we targeted the needs of our users in its entirety. We wanted to provide them with the optimal shopping experience. Using high-quality images, we wanted to reach our target audience on an emotional level and mirror the image of our own stores,” said Katharina Brinkmann, Head of eCommerce at Seidensticker and project manager of the massive relaunch.


The method of choice: Shopware 5

The online shop of Seidensticker is a testament that the emotional and complex world of shopping can be translated effortlessly to an online shop – this is the power of Shopware 5. This emotional shift is made possible in part by Shopware’s integrated feature Shopping Worlds, which makes way for large-scale graphics and more contextual, interactive customer experiences. The fully responsive design ensures an optimal shopping experience on every imaginable device. On these grounds, Seidensticker chose Shopware 5 as the basis of their online shop. This decision lead to the collaboration with Valtech, which ranks amongst the largest agencies in the European digital advertising market.

The end result is a beautiful shop that is well planned, to the very last detail. The overall look and feel of the shop reflects the Seidensticker character, with a design-forward magazine character. On one hand, the company sought to offer a clean layout, modeled after the so-called “flat design”; on the other, they wanted to focus on simple navigation through their product range as well as a short order process. Additional features, such as a wish list, advanced product recommendations and a store locator, were also essential for the project relaunch. When all packaged together in an attractive online shop, the result is one that promotes user engagement and satisfaction: a winning combination for sustainable growth in the digital world.

During the 8 months of project development, Valtech mainly relied upon the standard features of Shopware, such as Shopping Worlds and the numerous marketing tools. Within the project relaunch, Jacques Britt – the other brand of Seidensticker – was meant to be treated completely separately. For this reason, Valtech took advantage of the multishop capability that comes inclusive with the Enterprise license. Seidensticker and Valtech exemplify the possibilities of Shopware 5 out-of-the-box, as relatively little programming was required to fulfill the project requirements.


Ready for what the future holds

The relaunch of the Seidensticker and Jaques Britt shops mark a new beginning. “With the new concept, we will continue to advance our sales distribution commerce strategy, and continue to strengthen our brand and shopping experience across every channel,” said Frank Seidensticker, Managing Director of the Seidensticker group. With Shopware as a basis, this modern goal is very well attainable.


Key Facts

Technical features
  • Lifestyle and magazine character using Shopping Worlds
  • Large-scale pictures and graphics
  • Easy navigation
  • Wish list
  • Store locator
  • Multishop license for Jacques Britt>
  • Shopware Enterprise
  • Valtech GmbH, Dusseldorf / Frankfurt / Munich