Heroes wear Haix

HAIX is the world’s leading manufacturer of functional shoes. Attention toward quality, safety and function have made the brand popular amongst heroes of all walks, including fire services, outdoor rescue, police, military, task forces, forestry, game and outdoor leisure. No doubt, beyond comfortability and safety, the famous footwear also looks stylish. That’s because innovation has always been an important theme for HAIX. “Innovation does not mean satisfaction with what’s already been achieved; it means constantly striving to expand toward something better.”

“In order to meet the enormous demands of safety footwear, we always remains in close contact with our target groups – the people who risk their lives in order to help others. These people deserve the best possible protection,” states the Bavarian shoe maker, whose product deserves to reach the expanses of an online audience.

From homegrown to professional

An experienced player in the eCommerce scene, the first online shop of HAIX went live at the end of 2008. At the time, the company rejected any existing eCommerce software, opting to develop a system internally in order to maintain control and have a hand on every piece of the project. Finally, in 2013, after exhausting too many resources and realizing their self-developed system no longer met their demanding growth, the company decided to migrate to the Enterprise Premium edition of Shopware.

This was the next logical step in order to continue developing in the direction and speed required by the determined, growth-oriented company. In principle, the intention of the shop was to ensure that all HAIX products, from all market segments, could be purchased at any given time, through one online shop that represented the HAIX identity.

Ease of implementation

Before the new online shop went live, the system needed some minor adjustments. While these were partially implemented by external service providers, the majority of changes were performed in-house, by web designer and developer, Stephan Lahrssen. To support the project, Drown, a web agency based in Germany, developed a module that made it possible to generate multiple invoices and credits per order. Lahrssen integrated the result into the design template and built a connection so that the module also communicated with their internal accounting and statistics programs.

HAIX had one particular concern: that the online shop make use of Shopware’s integrated ERP system, rather than an external system, in preparation to expand the Shopware system cross-border to France, Great Britain, Poland, South and North America. Keeping in tune with the original principle, they wanted all customers, from all market segments, to be able to connect with and purchase their products.


The new online shop of HAIX not only aligns with the corporate design, but also simplifies several processes that take place behind the scenes. Since going live, the company saw that orders are now much easier and faster to generate, and the process of tracking inventory levels is far more streamlined. HAIX also praises the support provided by Shopware, both during implementation and the emergency attention that followed. Lahrssen summarizes this level of cooperation and indisputable shop success with a simple: “Just great!”


Key Facts



Technical features
  • Use of Shopware's integrated ERP system
  • Generation of several invoices and credit memos per order
  • Internal interfaces for financial and statistics programs

Own implementation