Product Presentation

Online shopping at a new level.


Experience. We believe that a proper purchasing process should be a holistic, seamless experience. We are therefore working on concepts that design the customer's journey in an efficient and exciting way at the same time.


Discover. Customers want to feel good in the shop, browse the online shelves and lose themselves in a buying experience without actually getting lost. We want to help them to always discover the products that suit them.

Make an impact

Make an impact. It's not just the feeling during the shopping process that matters, but also the feeling afterwards. We stand for an impressive shopping experience that addresses customers emotionally and persuades them to return to the online shop.

3D – a customer experience

Three-dimensional visualisations make products more tangible and give the customer even more certainty when he decides to purchase. We have already implemented some ideas on the subject.

For the customer

We pursue the vision to offer the customer an even better feeling for a product through three-dimensional product illustrations. He can discover the desired product in atmospherically staged Shopping Worlds, both on the desktop and on mobile devices, and thus experience a new quality in online shopping.

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In the backend

Three-dimensional visualisation is already possible with Shopware. For example, the 3D editor, with which the desired articles are positioned or illuminated and thus promoted in an appealing way is already available free of charge as a plug-in on the GitHub social coding platform.

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Create 3D content

At the moment it still takes a lot of effort to generate high-quality 3D models for your own products. Big 3D marketplaces or do-it-yourself methods with photogrammetry or your own 3D scanners often involve a lot of effort and great expense. We are working on methods with which shop operators can create high-quality 3D content more easily.

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Dev Docs

Plunge even deeper into the world of Shopware labs. Our developer documentation contains detailed information on the relevant technical topics.

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