The new core

Comprehensive networking


Future-proof. We are completely redeveloping the Shopware core and thus creating an agile and highly adaptable structure that can also do justice to modern requirements in future.


State-of-the-Art. In the development of the new core, we are relying exclusively on state-of-the-art technologies and a modern cloud approach. This guarantees that the core will always meet state-of-the-art requirements.

Symfony 4

Symfony 4. In future we are relying completely on Symfony 4 as the basic framework for Shopware. This brings a number of advantages, such as a larger eco-system or smaller development costs.

The core of the whole product

The core of Shopware is the basis of our success and one of our most important, favourite topics. So we have been giving a lot of thought to developing a strong, future-proof Shopware core.

Hello cloud

Right from the start we are also planning the new core as a cloud product – it will no longer matter whether users wish to operate Shopware in our infrastructure or with a host of their choice. It will even be possible to switch between the two worlds.

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Hello world

In developing the core, we are relying massively on APIs and interfaces. That is, the intelligence and possibilities of Shopware can also be controlled externally in a perfect and seamless way in future. Thus Shopware can be integrated perfectly into business processes.

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Hello Symfony

The decision to rely completely on Symfony 4 as the basic framework is a milestone in our development. Apart from the numerous advantages, such as an even better plug-in quality through the transfer of Symfony paradigms, it is simultaneously an expression of belief in Open Source.

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Hello developer

Every Shopware product is different and demands different adjustments. Therefore a very small-scale modularity is an extremely important topic that plays a special role in the design of the new core, which can be used even more easily in complex eCommerce projects in future.

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Dev Docs

Plunge even deeper into the world of Shopware labs. Our developer documentation contains detailed information on the relevant technical topics.

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