the new backend

Adjusts to your requirements.


Intelligent. The new backend will support its users with a high degree of artificial intelligence. Its detailed analysis allows it to think to a certain extent, and recommend possible actions to its user.


Individual. Usage analyses will let the new backend constantly optimise itself and adjust to the individual habits of its user. For example, with the shortened click paths, each user works with a tailor-made backend.


User Interface. The newly designed user interface will help to make working with the backend even more intuitive and efficient. This also means that the structure is no longer rigid, but can be adjusted individually.

Your backend

We want to create a backend that adjusts optimally to the needs of its users and that supports every individual in his various tasks. As a result, every user works with a backend perfectly attuned to him.

The flexible menu

As the central administration interface of a shop, a backend provides a number of functions for different areas. But since hardly any employees have to handle all these functions, we are developing a backend with a menu that can be adjusted flexibly. The larger overview and shortened click paths make working in the backend distinctly easier.

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The comprehensive search

The Search function in the new backend will be a good deal more effective than before. The new Search will find all the information in Shopware quickly and in an uncomplicated way – irrespective of whether plug-ins, functions, contents or settings are involved. In the process, the search adapts to the user, learns which contents are relevant to him and pushes them up the results list.

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Shopware's AI

The new backend will support the shop operators on many issues with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It analyses what activities in the shop, compares this with normal data in the sector and gives recommendations based on these experiences. If desired, it will also implement these recommendations independently, for example, by creating a proposed bundle.

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Dev Docs

Plunge even deeper into the world of Shopware labs. Our developer documentation contains detailed information on the relevant technical topics.

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