Always a step ahead

The innovative spirit of Shopware

At Shopware, we are not satisfied with the status quo. We think out of the box with the clear mission of revolutionising digital trading. We therefore take many steps to always stay ahead and develop solutions that will serve our community in the future. More than 20 percent of our annual turnover goes into research and development. This helps us to make Shopware one of the most innovative shop systems on the market.

brand eins Thema Innovator of the Year 2017
The renowned business magazine brand eins, in conjunction with the Statista online portal, has given Shopware the "Innovator of the Year award for 2017".
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Made in Germany
This logo stands for the fact that our complete product catalogue is developed with the highest quality and care from our headquarters in Germany. What’s more, “Made in Germany” represents Shopware’s Westphalian down-to-earth attitude and commitment to nurturing our hometown with a number of community initiatives.

The Principle

Putting people centre stage

The human being is at the centre of our development and design process. Having an open mind for new technology and maintaining an customer-centric approach are established components of our corporate philosophy. We call this principle "Hello Human". And this applies to the user experience of our end customers just as much as to the usability for shop operators in the backend. We deliberately put the focus on human beings in order to develop solutions today for the digital world of tomorrow.

Mega Trends


Customer experience

The first impression counts. That is why we constantly research new trends in the field of product presentation. This includes creating a deep integration of 3D content in the frontend.


Machine learning

We work actively to incorporate artificial intelligence into our products. One place this can be experience is in the backend, where AI is used to make Shopware even more intuitive and effective.



The perfect interplay of different software is essential in eCommerce. Our aim is therefore to find faster and more straightforward ways to connect Shopware with other systems.

The development of Shopware should closely follow what you as shop owners and your end users truly require. That is why we do not rely exclusively on analyses by market researchers and experts, but rather research the future of eCommerce ourselves – together with you and by using completely different methods and approaches.


The Shopware labs consoludate the eCommerce expertise of our entire community in order to make Shopware even better. Here we research the future of online trade every day using state-of-the-art hardware, up-to-date technology, and the power of inspired eCommerce enthusiasts.

Think tanks

Through holding regular think tanks, we’ve created Shopware's own thinking factory, where we work on innovative approaches together with you, carry out step-by-step experiments on prototypes, and put established – or even slightly old-fashioned concepts – to the test.

User research

Feedback from both end consumers and shop owners is equally important for our development process. We therefore regularly carry out surveys and investigations which help us continually improve the usability of Shopware.


During Shopware hackathons, in-house and external developers have the unique opportunity to work on together on projects for which they would otherwise have no time. Not only do exciting developments come out of the cooperation, but we receive valuable input for our software.

Our values

Groundbreaking ideas don’t just spring from the drawing board; a great deal of pioneering spirit and a certain level of openness are also needed. Sometimes all that’s required is an absurd idea to get the ball rolling. That is why we at Shopware live and breathe absolute openness towards new approaches and ideas, and this is also reflected in our corporate values. This lets us think out of the box – in the best sense of the word.

To our Values