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Shopware – multiple award-winning

Shopware is one of the leading solutions for online shops in the market. This is reflected in the several eCommerce awards that Shopware customers look forward to regularly. We have summarized just of a few of these prestigious awards we have been honored to receive:

Digital Commerce Award 2018

Now in their seventh year holding the ceremony, the Swiss Commerce Award – formerly known as a the Swiss eCommerce Award – took place in Zurich in 2018. An initiative from Carpathia AG, the venerable ceremony honours the best online shops based in or selling in Switzerland. Among the award recipients were the Shopware shops Frankfurter Brett and SKATE.CH.

Shop Usability Award 2018 – Trophies in eleven categories

Of the 704 shops in the running for the coveted Shop Usability Award 2018, 34 Shopware shops made it to the finale. We are proud to share that of those nominated, a sensational total of eleven category winners were based on Shopware. These include: (Best Brand Shop), (Best B2B Manufacturer Shop), (Small Business), (Social Project), (Most Innovative Shop), (Toys, Kids & Baby), (Household, Home & Garden), (Wellness, Beauty & Health), (Popular Award), (MasterClass Design) und (MasterClass Storytelling).

Great Place To Work – 6th place in Germany

Based on an extensive evaluation and anonymous employee survey, Great Place To Work awards the best employers throughout Germany.

After placing strong in 2017, Shopware improved in the 2018 competition and scored higher in nearly every respective category. Shopware is now the second-best employer in the Münsterland region of Germany and sixth in the entire ITC industry. However, the crowning achievement is that Shopware was awarded sixth place among all participating companies throughout Germany. Shopware is once again a top employer!

Shop Award 2018

Shopware shops impress the jury at the Shop Awards. Frankfurter Brett took home the "Hidden Champion" category, just ahead of Don Carne in 2nd place. Last year's winner Borussia Dortmund took second place in the category "Best Brand Shop".

German Design Award 2018

The German Design Award honours innovative products and projects, as well as their manufacturers and designers, that are pioneers in the German and international design landscape. Shopware reference - a project which was implemented by the agencies achta and webpiloten – received this coveted award along with the Annual Multimedia Award.

Technology Fast 500 Award 2017

Once again, Shopware was recognised with the Technology Fast 500 Award at the beginning of December 2017. Auditing and consulting group, Deloitte, awards the prize annually to the fastest growing companies from various regions. In this year’s ranking, Shopware came in number 462 for companies from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Technology Fast 50 Award 2017

2017 marked the third consecutive year that Shopware received the Technology Fast 50 Award, in which Deloitte honours 50 companies with the highest annual sales growth in Germany. With a high sales growth of 243% over the course of four years, Shopware ranked 20th in 2017, once again demonstrating the company’s constant and stable expansion as a leading eCommerce platform.

brand eins Thema Innovator of the Year 2017

The renowned business magazine brand eins, in conjunction with the Statista online portal, has given Shopware the "Innovator of the Year award for 2017". "According to Statista, the awarded companies are the pioneers of intelligent products, processes and services. Alongside their special corporate culture, this is what clearly distinguishes shopware from its competitors."

Shop Award 2017

Shop Award 2017 - Internet World Business

Of the 21 shops that made it to the final round at the 2017 Internet World Business Shop Awards, we are happy to announce that four built their online presence using Shopware. The four shops that impressed the jury included:,, and

Among the nominated shops, the online shop from BVB Merchandise GmbH was awarded the Shop Award for the category “Best Brand Shop”.

Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® - 2nd place in region

At the regional employer competition, Shopware took second place for companies between 50-500 employees, making us one of the best employers in Münsterland region of Germany. Of the 58 topics surveyed, our results were consistently above the average market benchmark.

Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® - 5th place in NRW

In North Rhine-Westphalia’s state competition for best employer, Shopware took home fifth place for companies between 50-500 employees. As the most populous state in Germany, a staggering total of 167 companies of all sizes took part in the competition.

Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® - 5th place in the IT sector in Germany

For companies with 50-500 employees in the IT sector, Shopware landed in 5th place. According to the Great Place to Work Institute, companies who can clearly demonstrate that they “offer their employees particularly attractive and conductive working conditions” have an edge in terms of how they place in the competition.

Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® - 20th place in Germany

Of the 700 companies who participated in the competition, Shopware was awarded 20th place and is therefore among the top 20 employers across every branch in Germany.

Annual Multimedia Award

Every year, the Annual Multimedia Award honors projects for their pioneering, digital brand communication, and Shopware reference Ames shop now stands among those decorated with the prestigious award. The online shop from the furniture and design company carefully combines the emotional sense of the brand with an efficient purchasing process.

Together with their implementation partners, webpiloten and achta, the Ames team makes particular good use of Shopping Worlds and Storytelling to stage their products using a number of media elements.

Rausch was awarded the German Digital Award ("Deutschen Digital Award")

Just a few weeks after going live, the new online shop from the Berlin chocolate manufacturer, Rausch was decorated with one of Germany’s most prestigious eCommerce prizes, the Deutschen Digital Award, for “Digital Commerce – User Experience/Usability”. This is considered one of the most important prizes in the digital industry and is awarded by the Federal Association for Economics.The Rausch online shop was selected by a 21-member jury for its exceptional user experience and use of storytelling.

Amazon Payments Premier Partner

In an initiative to expand their popular login and checkout solution, in April 2015, Amazon Payments launched their Global Partner Program. Initially limited to the USA, UK, Japan and Germany, the program is comprised of separate partner statuses: select Premier Partners, Certified Partners and Certified Developers. Shopware was awarded the exclusive status of Premier Partner. As of Shopware 5, “Log in and pay with Amazon” is now available as a core integration for Shopware customers.

Technology Fast 50 Award 2015

Every year, the auditing and consulting firm Deloitte GmbH recognizes 50 of the fastest growing technology companies for their entrepreneurial excellence. In 2015, Shopware was decorated with the “Technology Fast 50 Award”; an award that is determined on the basis of Shopware’s cumulative revenue growth from the previous 4 fiscal years. This makes Shopware one of the fastest growing companies in Germany; a success that we undoubtedly owe to the strength of our expanding community.

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Shop Usability Award 2015

Now in its eighth year running, the Shop Usability Award is a competition held by Shoplupe GmbH to recognize the outstanding usability of the top online shops from the past year. The award winners are decided upon by an expert jury, led by one of Germany’s leading eCommerce influencers, Johannes Altmann. In recent years, Shopware had the honor of taking home several awards, however the 20015 ceremony proved particularly successful, as a record breaking 7 trophies were awarded to online shops that use Shopware as their software basis – that’s 50% of award recipients.

The winners are as follows: GO IN for “B2B”; Demmer Piano for “Leisure, hobby & pets”; Gaastra for “Fashion”; Devolo for “Special interests” as well as “Best Brand Shop”; Stabilo for “Toys & kids”; and the Zeit online shop for “Watches, jewellery, gifts & lifestyle”.

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Anton Award 2015

Following the successful premier in 2014, the Anton Awards returned to honor the most outstanding shops from Austria that went live in the past year. The coveted trophies are awarded to the best online shops from several categories. The jury of five selected the Shopware shop kelag for the B2C category. The Austrian online shop was implemented in the middle of 2015 using Shopware 5 and received this momentous award only a few months after going live.

Shop Award 2015 – Internet World Business

Out of a total of 443 candidates for the “INTERNET WORLD Business Shop Awards”, 38 shops made it to the final round of judging. Among the finalists were 9 Shopware shops contending for the coveted trophies. When said and done, it was an enormous success, as three Shopware customers walked home with the grand prize.

JUST T, an online shop that specializes in innovative tea creations, was the first Shopware winner to take home a trophy with “Best Product Presentation”. Second place in this category also went to a Shopware shop, FANCY DRESSES, an online shop for lingerie, which won the jury over with its appealing design.

Shopware shop dinnery gathered a Shop Award in the “Most Innovative Business Model” category. The online shop delivers premade dishes from genuine cooking experts, which can be transformed into gourmet meals at home with just a few simple steps – a business idea that not only paired well with the customers, but also the jury.

BESTin ecommerce 2014

ChannelPartner, one of Germany’s most popular trade magazines, joined forces with to open a nation-wide competition. Among the list of winners were three Shopware projects. The nominees had the opportunity to present their project, each for 15-minutes, before a jury in each category. The jury comprised of highly regarded eCommerce experts from several fields.

The new shop from STABILO took home the award for “Best Relaunch of a B2C Webshop”, meanwhile the shop from Deutsche See took first place for the “Best B2C Shop” category. Shopware shop, Donkey Products , was able to secure the spot for best mobile commerce adjustment.

Shop Award 2014 - Internet World Business

Even more shops were decorated at the Shop Award 2014: Localgourmet won in its category and was honored as the “Most Innovative Business Model”. In the “Best Product Presentation” category, Voomates took the podium in third place. “Best Online Brand Shop” proved particularly successful, with first place going to Deutsche See, followed by Donkey Products in second.

In 2014, over 380 online shops were in the running for “Best Pure Player”, “Best Multichannel Presence”, and “Best Product Presentation”, “Best Mobile Shop”, and “Most Innovative Business Model”. Incredibly, a fifth of those nominated for awards were Shopware shops.

PayPal Partner Integrations Award 2014/2015

In Berlin, Shopware was decorated with even more awards. In addition to offering a great solution, Shopware was also honored for an exemplary partnership with PayPal.

For John von Karstedt, Manager Partner Business Development at PayPal, there are good reasons that Shopware received the award: “We assess our partners’ solutions according to different criteria and so-called Best Practice Experiences. Among other things, it has been found that that PayPal, in conjunction with Shopware, brings in very high conversion rates. In addition, the combination is characterized by ease of use.”

This partnerships has certainly proved its longevity – in 2015, Shopware was rewarded the PayPal Partner Integrations Award for the second year in a row. For Shopware, this is a great honor and a clear indication of a fruitful and prosperous partnership.

Shop Usability Award 2013/2014

The Shop Usability Award is undoubtedly one of the most coveted prizes in eCommerce. Every year, Shoplupe GmbH hosts the ceremony as a part of the K5 Conference in Munich, which celebrates the most user-friendly shops from several different categories.

Year after year, Shopware consistently return home winners – this can very clear indication of the quality and success of the software, especially in an ever-changing market. Shopware was also highly successful in 2014, where no other shop system took home so many nominations in record history (over a quarter of those nominated were Shopware shops). There was a Shopware shop nominated for every category. In the end, four shops took home awards: ZooRoyal for “Recreational & Pets”, Burlesque-Dessous for “Fashion”, Tambini for “Toys & Kids”, and Donkey Products for “Watches, Jewelry, Gifts & Lifestyle”.

In 2013, Shopware overtook three categories, with Lucky Shopping for “Handy & Mobile”, DMAX for “Special Interests”, and Schulranzenwelt for “Toys & Kids”. Overall winner of the competition was Cyberport, a reference from Shopware Solution Partner, Omeco. In 2012, Smoothy was winner in the “Furniture & Interior” category. This trend of trophy-winning Shopware shops continues all the way back to 2008, with yet another Shopware shop taking home the overall title.

Trusted Shop Precertification

Trusted Shops is the leading quality label for online shops in Europe with buyer protection for customers. As one of the few Gold Partners, Shopware works closely with Trusted Shops to ensure that the software meets all criteria for certification of the trust logo. This enables the construction of a completely secure and consumer protected shop with Shopware.