Jan Kösters
Partner Training

Jan has been an integral part of the sales team for several years, working closely with partners and customers from the Netherlands and Belgium. His has a profound understanding of Shopware, which he enjoys communicating with academy participants.

Marion Berges
User Training

For Marion, openness and good humor are at the heart of a successful training atmosphere. For more than two years, Marion has positively impacted the national sales team.

Elke Klein-Ridder
User Training

In her daily business, Elke cares after enterprise customers and defined Shopware partners. She enjoys getting in contact with Shopware users and focuses on finding individual solutions for their unique requirements.

Heike Zellerhoff
User Training

As Account Executive and contact for partners and customers in the UK, Heike Zellerhoff enjoys motivating academy participants to reach more success and cares after their individual levels of experience with Shopware.

Stefan Gernandt
User Training

Stefan is a member of the national sales team as an Account Executive. In the Academy, he aspires to convey complex themes with each individual in a highly communicative manner.

Marcel Kurrek
User Training

For more than three years, Marcel has worked closely with customers and partners at Shopware. With extensive product, industry and business knowledge, he can confidently pass on his expertise as an Account Executive.

Michael Telgmann
Developer Training

Michael Telgmann is an old hand in Shopware’s plugin development. He enjoys direct exchange with developers and is always glad to approach detailed questions – the more difficult the better.

Jan Bücker
Developer Training

As an expert in plugin development, Jan Bücker is always happy to share his knowledge with participants. In a laidback and relaxed manner, he is always open to interesting discussions.

Daniel Nögel
Developer Training

Daniel has profound knowledge of Shopware’s core and plugin development. With an ability to understand complex technologies, he is a vital component of Shopware’s enterprise team, where he connects custom projects with their perfect solutions.

Philipp Schuch
Template Training

With over three years’ experience at Shopware, Philipp is an integral part of the core development team and is primarily responsible for Shopware’s frontend. Also an entertaining speaker, he regularly speaks at trade fairs and the Shopware Community Day.

Tobias Berge
Template Training

“Too complicated” does not exist with Tobias Berge – in the training, he gladly takes the time to address individual questions and provides thoughtful solutions for individual problems.

Arnold Stoba
Template Training

Active in both development and design at Shopware, Arnold Stoba is eager to share his extensive knowledge in frontend development with academy participants.