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Are you a Shopware expert? Then let the world know by becoming a certified Shopware developer or template designer. Certificates greatly improve your changes as a partner, plugin manufacturer or freelancer.

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With our trainings on Udemy you can prepare perfectly for the online certification. The online training sessions provide you with the same content as you would get in our on-site training courses, but allow you to learn independently and flexibly. You can ask questions either in our Udemy course or, if you require more in-depth support, in our Developer forum.

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Online certification

Once you have completed the training course, you can get certified online. Just book the relevant online certification through our website or directly in the store. You will receive a link to the test and the necessary access data. The link does not expire, so you can decide for yourself when you want to take the exam. Once you have completed and passed the exam, you can download your certificate in the account. It also appears directly in the partner listing or in your manufacturer profile in the Community Store.

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The benefits of Shopware certification

Certification is an important, personal piece of evidence to prove that you have Shopware expertise and that you know and understand the software really well. Certification is of particular benefit to partners and plugin manufacturers.

The benefits of Shopware certification:

  • Secure your competitive edge by developing the skills you need in the eCommerce area.

  • Certification is proven to pay off for developers and the companies that hire them.

  • Shopware certifications are awarded to people with technical expertise and who demonstrate their ability to develop innovative Shopware solutions.

  • Boost your opportunities and your credibility through continuous learning and knowledge building.

  • As a certified developer you will open up your career opportunities.

Advantages for Shopware partners:

  • Certificates and quantities appear in the partner listing and on the partner detail page.

  • Customers can see directly who the perfect partner is for advising them on their Shopware projects.

  • The overview of knowledge and team size sets them apart from the competition.

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Advantages for plugin manufacturers:

  • Certifications appear in the manufacturer profile in the Community Store and affect your trust level as a manufacturer.

  • Your certifications will help determine if your plugin is Bronze, Silver or Gold-certified.

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What our participants say


Which certification should I start with?
We recommend you start with the Template Designer and Developer certification. The contents of the Template Developer and Developer Advanced Certification then build on the knowledge acquired here.
How long are the certificates valid for?
Each certificate is valid for 18 months. Afterwards, recertification is required to keep you up to date in the fast-moving world of e-commerce.
Can I take the online certification again if I don't pass?
You can repeat the online certification at any time, for a fee.
How can I prepare?
Our online training courses on Udemy prepare you perfectly for the certification. You are not committed to any particular dates and times and can decide for yourself when and at what speed you want to learn.

You can find more information about online training and online certification in our FAQs: