There are four different technical certifications available in the Shopware Academy. You can either take the test during the on-site training or online. Your certificate carries true advertising potential and demonstrates that you have Shopware-specific expertise. Freelancers as well as partners and plugin manufacturers benefit from becoming certified.

The Shopware certificates
Certified Template Designer
Certified Template Designer

A Certified Template Designer can create themes for your Shopware shop. They have demonstrated knowledge of the following:

  • Creating their own custom Shopware themes
  • The inheritance and block system
  • Using Smarty and LESS in Shopware
  • Handling CSS and HTML
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Certified Template Developer
Certified Template Developer

A Certified Template Developer can create their own complex theme configuration. They have demonstrated knowledge of the following:

  • Creating their own custom theme configurations
  • Extending jQuery plugins
  • Creating their own Shopware jQuery plugins
  • Using the StateManager
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Certified Developer
Certified Developer

A Certified Developer has basic knowledge of the technology behind Shopware and its application in projects. They have demonstrated knowledge of the following:

  • Structure and technology of Shopware 5
  • Setting up Shopware in a development environment
  • Adapting templates
  • Implementing frontend plugins
  • Adding attributes and services
  • Using events and hooks
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Certified Developer Advanced
Certified Developer Advanced

A Certified Advanced Developer has specialised and comprehensive knowledge of Shopware’s technology and a thorough understanding of its application in projects. They have demonstrated knowledge of the following:

  • Developing complex plugins
  • Defining Doctrine data structures
  • Extending the Shopware API
  • Decorating services
  • ExtJS basics
  • Developing backend modules
  • Extending frontend listings and detail pages
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The benefits of Shopware certification

Each certificate is evidence that you have specialised Shopware knowledge and can develop innovative solutions for the software. It shows that you have worked intensively with Shopware; either creating custom themes or working with the technology behind the software.

  • Secure your competitive edge by developing the skills you need in the eCommerce area.

  • Certification is proven to pay off for developers and the companies that hire them.

  • Shopware certifications are awarded to people with technical expertise and who demonstrate their ability to develop innovative Shopware solutions.

  • Boost your opportunities and your credibility through continuous learning and knowledge building.

  • As a certified developer you will open up your career opportunities.


Which certification should I start with?
We recommend you start with the Template Designer and Developer certification. The contents of the Template Developer and Developer Advanced Certification then build on the knowledge acquired here.
How long are the certificates valid for?
Each certificate is valid for 18 months. Afterwards, recertification is required to keep you up to date in the fast-moving world of e-commerce.
Can I take the online certification again if I don't pass?
You can repeat the online certification at any time, for a fee.

You can find more information about online training and online certification in our FAQs: