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Shopware agency from Berlin
webcookies - digital bakery is your innovative and competent partner when it comes to shopware shops.
In 1999, the first web design agency was founded. After this company was a complete success, another agency in Berlin, focusing on e-commerce, was founded - webcookies digital bakery.
In the implementation of online shop projects, we have specialized in Shopware and offer you professional shop programming and implementation. Whether you are planning a new online shop, need an extension or a relaunch, with us you are ready for online trading.
We create individual templates, matching your products and your Cooperate-Identity. We take care of updates, give you support (for example when entering products) and work together with you on further developments for your online shop. Due to our high service level, our customers are always in focus. It does not matter if you distribute 50 or 500,000 products through your shop.
The webcookies from Berlin will not crumble, there is work going on here - make your online shop a shopping experience!
Features Overview:
Shopware conceptionShopware consultationShopware supportShopware Template DesignCreation of Shopware plugins and Shopware extensionsTrusted Shops Sales PartnerProfihost PartnerContact us: https://www.webcookies.de/kontakt/
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