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We are Sition!
We are the e-commerce bureau that is specialized in the development and realization of Shopware webshops, websites, webapplications, online marketing and more. As the very first official Shopware Solution Partner of the Netherlands we are proud to say that we are the most experienced bureau of the Netherlands. We are a bureau with knowledge and we are pleased to share that with others.

We have been working for, and with, many leading webshops since the creation of Sition in the year 2000. Because of that we have only been developing ourselves more and more. With a strong team of certified developers, designers, consultants and marketeers are we able to offer you a customized solution that fits your company. We make use of the latest techniques and mechanisms and deliver high-quality services. 

We have got a clear approach which is characterized by the following points:

We are flexible and do not work within fixed patterns. Each project requisites a new approach and a different route. Do you want to change your mind in time and want to head another path? Here that is possible. We work with you and we adjust to the situation. We do not work with standard routines, but we look at each company and do what fits.

For every challenge 
We work together with big and small companies. Everyone is welcome, regardless of company size. We do not measure a checkinglist. We always look at the possibilities and do not back down from a challenging case. 

We consider you as a partner at Sition instead of a customer. We tackle it together so your wishes become reality. We only go for the best result for your company and make adjustments when necessary. We develop a product, together, that we can be both proud of. 

We try to improve our services continuously through innovations within our discipline. Next to our regular services we develop our own applications in the field of e-commerce. Our innovations are additional to our services and will bring your product to a next level.

A selection of our customers

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Denim en vintagewear

watertechnics systems

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Legendary gear for adventurers



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