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  • Shopware Solution Partner
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Focus areas
  • B2C
  • B2B
  • Consulting (eCommerce strategy)
  • Interface development
  • Plugin development
  • Third party integration
  • Design
  • Shop migrations

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0221 / 99191-0

Digital Lead Agency.

Your partner for customized shopware projects in Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg.

If you are looking for a partner for individual conception, consulting as well as design and implementation in the area of e-commerce, Interlutions is the right place for you!

As a certified shopware agency with corresponding consulting experts, advanced shopware developers, qualified computer scientists as well as experts for frontend and design you get all services directly in-house.

Our shopware services at a glance:

Shop development

Interlutions uses Shopware to develop individual e-commerce solutions at a high level - for B2C as well as B2B customers. You benefit from our many years of experience and our highly qualified employees.

Shop architecture

We work closely with you to develop the shop's infrastructure requirements and thus achieve an optional solution tailored to your specific needs, ranging from an only marginally adapted standard version to a completely individual solution with the aid of, for example, microservices.

Shopware User Experience

Our goal is to pick up the customer in a personalized way. For example, we tailor the shopping worlds to the customer's specific device. If the customer accesses the site from a mobile device, the store finder, for example, is played out accordingly. Videos, on the other hand, are displayed more prominently to users who access the site from their desktop. In addition, the trend is also to create corporate pages with shopware in order to create a synergy effect with the shop.

Shopware integration

We integrate the optimal mix of existing systems, our own plug-ins as well as extensions of Premium Plug-ins, etc., into Shopware according to your needs. The decisive factor here is the price-performance ratio measured against your requirements.

For example, we connect the following systems:

  • ERP
  • Pim
  • CRM
  • Elastic Search

From the final mix of the optimal building blocks, we create individually developed plug-ins to connect your entire payment process.

Your advantage: A very personal and individual support of your project, which is tailored to your specific requirements. A person in charge will also be happy to advise you on related business areas.

Interlutions has been working very successfully as a digital full-service agency since 1999 and offers a correspondingly wide range of and digital services that can support your shop profitably, such as the use of certain marketing strategies.

For years our customers have included various well-known brands and well-known companies such as ABUS, RTLII, Disney, Wolters Kluwer, Fujitsu, Aldi and Deutsche See.

We would be happy to also bring your project on the road! Get in touch with us and you will receive an individual offer. Of course, we will also be happy to advise you in a personal conversation!

A selection of our customers