The Shopware Academy a training center in the heart of Shopware’s brand-new headquarters. With a highly modern and spacious room concept, these trainings offer the ideal opportunity for learning in an inspiring atmosphere, directly from Shopware experts.

User Training

Host: shopware AG
Venue: Schöppingen


This one-day course provides you with practical, first-hand experience with Shopware and its main features. Guided by Shopware experts, you’ll gather a comprehensive overview of our trendsetting software and learn how to create a unique shopping experience for your online business.

Developer Training

Host: shopware AG
Venue: Schöppingen


Get close and personal with the technology behind Shopware 5 and the structure of the system. Our experts cover the fundamentals of development with Shopware and offer best practices for implementing and customizing your own projects. At the end of the training, you can look forward to becoming a "Shopware Certified Developer".

Advanced Developer Training

Host: shopware AG
Venue: Schöppingen


This two-day course covers working with Doctrine, backend development with ExtJS and the technology behind Shopware 5. You can also get tips for adapting Shopware as well as plugin development. After successfully completing an exam, you will become a “Shopware Advanced Certified Developer”.

Template Training

Host: shopware AG
Venue: Schöppingen


This course teaches you how to make template customizations and work with the technology behind the system. The implementation of a separate sample template is as much a part of this workshop as the development of a simple plugin. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of participation.

Advanced Template Training

Host: shopware AG
Venue: Schöppingen


Shopware’s responsive template offers modern solutions that significantly simplify the legwork of creating a storefront that’s as unique as your brand. Together with experienced developers, this two-day course teaches you how to apply Shopware’s technologies to create your own individual templates. After successfully completing a short exam at the end of the training, you will become a certified “Advanced Shopware Template Developer.”

Partner Training

Host: shopware AG
Venue: Schöppingen


This training is tailored for existing and prospective partners looking to dive into the possibilities of Shopware. With an emphasis on the partner program, you will learn everything you need in order to provide professional consultation for your clients.

Shopware ERP Training powered by Pickware

Host: Pickware
Venue: Schöppingen


In unserem speziell für Shopware Partner abgestimmten Training erfährst Du alles Wissenswerte rund um das Shopware ERP powered by Pickware. Das Pickware Team kommt dafür persönlich in unser Headquarter und zeigt Dir aus erster Hand die Vorteile, die Du Deinen Kunden mit Pickware bieten kannst.

**Net price per person


Next to the trainings offered by the Academy, you have another convenient pathway for learning more about Shopware’s many features: non-binding, free webinars. Held by Shopware partners or team members themselves, these 15-30 minute sessions present exciting tools from the Community Store or share useful insight into the latest eCommerce trends.


Certified Partner

Badge that represents comprehensive knowledge of Shopware for in-depth and professional consultation.

Certified Developer

Certifies a basic understanding of the technology behind Shopware and its application in projects.

Certified Developer Advanced

Evidence of highly specialized and profound knowledge of the Shopware technology and its application.

Certified Template Designer

Proof of basic CSS and HTML knowledge, use of Smarty and Shopware’s functional range.

Certified Template Developer

Profound knowledge in jQuery and template design, allowing you to create your own complex theme configurations.

Our instructors

In the Academy, you will learn exclusively from professionals who are deeply rooted in all topics related to Shopware.